HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

Compaction Wheel

HAWK’s compaction wheel is an optimal solution for easy and quick compaction tasks for trenches. This tool is crucial as it gives you the flexibility to use carriers like the backhoe compaction wheel and compaction wheel for excavator. 

The compaction wheel for the backhoe is an effective tool for compacting the ground with a rolling motion. At the same time, the excavator minimizes voids in ground material and improves density, providing load-bearing strength to the surface. The brand also features a mini excavator compaction wheel that is much smaller than the standard excavator compassion wheel but still achieves a high level of compaction. 

When looking for the right compaction wheel, choose the largest size your carrier will support. However, avoid buying too heavy or oversized compaction wheels as they can be hard to maneuver. HAWK’s compaction wheels have sealed bearings, guaranteeing that no dust or dirt can enter, causing wear and tear. 

Suitable Excavator: 1 – 60 Ton
Core Components: Steel

In order to achieve a more perfect fit, Hawk can customize the size according to the needs of customers.

Category Material Machine Tonnage(Ton) Wheel Width(mm)
HWK-CW1 Q345 4-6 Customizable
HWK-CW2 Q345 8-11
HWK-CW3 Q345 12-18
HWK-CW4 Q345 20-27
HWK-CW5 Q345 30-36