HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

Multi-functional Hydraulic Cutter

An excavator hydraulic cutter is a tool that is designed to work through heavy-duty bars, cables, chains, nuts, and other tough materials. HAWK hydraulic cutter for excavator is a to-go device during the rescue process. It suits 6 to 25-ton excavators and offers a work efficiency of up to 3 times than broken hammer.

This fully mechanized hydraulic cutter excavator cutting device comes in two varieties- the single oil cylinder body and the optional-double oil cylinder body. Both are created with jaw structures that make them more efficient in shearing, realizing the separation, and removing during the rescue operation. The large opening design of the shear delivers powerful motivation for the equipment.

Best features include:

  • 360-degree rotation
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Saves time
  • Customizable size
  • Built to handle industrial-grade materials
  • Tough and durable

This versatile hydraulic cutter makes operation in tough working conditions safer, simpler, and more productive.

In order to achieve a more perfect fit, HAWK can customize the size according to the needs of customers.

Hydraulic Cutter Model Excavator Weight(Ton) Working Press(Mpa) Opening Size A(mm) Blade Length B(mm) Front Crushing Force(KN) Middle Crushing Force(KN) Weight(kg)
HWK-EMFHC1 6-8 24 650 125 430 670 630
HWK-EMFHC2 12-15 31 780 240 725 1120 1480
HWK-EMFHC3 18-25 31 1000 240 1080 1610 2100


 Hydrauic Shear Model HWK-EMFHC1 HWK-EMFHC2 HWK-EMFHC3
Moachine Class(t) 6-8 12-16 18-23
Max Opening(mm) 450 720 900
Working Pressure(bar) 270 320 320
Oil Flow(L/min) 80 100 150
Weight(kg) 550 1310 2100