HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

Grab Bucket

HAWK’s grab bucket is not only durable but also well-built. It features a thumb for improved utility. Its ability to allow users to pick up goods while still moving inside a crowded area makes it incredibly advanced, as if light years away from any other excavator grab bucket currently available.

The bucket has twofold thumb cylinders, which boost the gripping force during the complete curl cycle. These cylinders follow the bucket as it rotates. The grab bucket’s thumb is directly attached to the primary bucket, improving machine versatility. This functionality allows the dropping of the whole bucket and thumb assembly as a single piece. This arrangement makes it easier to clean the machine.

All hydraulic grab bucket components are built explicitly by HAWK for situations requiring a high load capacity. It also reduces the likelihood of experiencing loss or harm because it combines digging bucket and excavator grapple functionalities. You can say that HAWK’s bucket is ideal for demolition and land clearing jobs. HAWK is indeed one of the bucket grab suppliers you can trust.

In order to achieve a more perfect fit, HAWK can customize the size according to the needs of customers.

Model Weight Width(A) Jaw opening(B) Operating Pressure Set Up Pressure Operating Flux Suitable excavator
  lbs mm mm Bar Kg/m² L/Min Ton
HWK-GB1 202 228 540 80-110 120 20-35 44,563
HWK-GB2 319 340 720 100-130 150 25-40 44,624
HWK-GB3 573 458 1,160 110-140 170 30-55 44,688
HWK-GB4 837 540 1,315 120-160 180 50-100 44,783
HWK-GB5 1,521 610 1,615 150-170 190 90-110 44,881
HWK-GB6 2,469 800 2,000 160-180 200 100-140 18-26
HWK-GB7 4,078 800 2,420 160-180 210 130-170 20-30


Q. What are the different objects a grab bucket can grab? 

   A. This equipment can grab items like the following:

  • Powdery bulk: This includes wood chips, kaolin, soda ash, copper concentrate, iron ore, nickel ore, raw salt, etc.
  • Hard handling items: Scrap, tire chips, pig iron, lump iron ore, and wood chips.
  • Long objects: Scrap and wood

Q. How do you operate a grab bucket?

   A. You have to hang the bucket to the deck crane hook, and it will start working speedily. Some models feature a remote wireless system to ensure the operator’s safety. This model usually comes with remote control.

Q. Which payment terms can we accept?

   A. Normally we can work on T/T or L/C terms, sometimes DP terms.
1). On T/T term, 30% advance payment is required and a 70% balance shall be settled before shipment.
2). On L/C term, a 100% irrevocable L/C without “soft clauses” can be accepted. Please contact directly with our customer representatives for the specific payment term.

Q. What logistics way for product delivery?

   A. 1).90% in shipment by sea, to all main continents such as South America, Middle East, Africa, Oceania and Europe, etc.
2). For neighborhood countries of China, including Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan etc., we can ship by road or railway.
3). For light parts in urgent need, we can deliver in international courier service, including DHL, TNT, UPS or FedEx.

Q. What are your warranty terms?

   A. We provide a 12-month or 2000 working hours structural warranty on all our products, except failure caused by improper installation, operation or maintenance, accident, damage, misuse or non HAWK modification, and normal wear.

Q. What is your lead time?

   A. We aim to provide customers with a fast lead time. We understand emergencies happen and priority production should be preferred for a faster turnaround. A stock order lead time is 3-5 working days, while custom orders are within 1-2 weeks. Contact HAWK products so we can provide an accurate lead time based on situations.