HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

Mechanical Quick Coupler

HAWK’s mechanical quick coupler for excavators is specifically designed to be used with OEM-configured attachments and buckets. This mechanical quick coupler offers a fast and straightforward way of changing excavator attachments and buckets. 

The mechanical type quick hitch coupler comes with an adjustable and changeable pin center to pin center build that allows a single coupler to fit various machines belonging to similar tonnage classes. HAWK caters to customers looking for a complete manual and mechanical splice coupler range from different brands. 

HAWK is a brand of choice for mechanical couplers because of its versatility and tough build. It can pair with any attachment brand. It also excels in specific aspects like ease of use, tight lock level, and safety features. 

This mechanical coupler will also work best with attachments made by different manufacturers that adhere to OEM specifications. Every coupler also features a premium-grade lift loop on its top hangers.

In order to achieve a more perfect fit, HAWK can customize the size according to the needs of customers.

Model Pro_type Weight Pin To Pin Center Cylinder Telescopic Distance Applicable For Pin Diameters Operating Flow
Suitable Excavator
Unit / kg mm mm mm L/Min Ton
HWK-MC40 Mechanical 110 180-210 / 25-45 / 1-4T
HWK-MC80 Mechanical 176 235-300 / 45-50 / 4-8T
HWK-MC150 Mechanical 396 430-510 / 70-80 / 12-16T
HWK-MC200 Mechanical 771 475-560 / 90 / 18-25T
HWK-MC40 Hydraulic 110 180-210 208-318 25-45 10-20 1-4T
HWK-MC80 Hydraulic 176 235-310 340-450 45-50 10-20 4-8T
HWK-MC150 Hydraulic 396 350-410 340-486 60-65 10-20 12-16T
HWK-MC200 Hydraulic 771 430-510 256-390 70-80 10-20 18-25T
HWK-MC250 Hydraulic 1,212 475-560 413-590 90-100 10-20 25-30T
HWK-MC300 Hydraulic 1,763 550-650 520-590 100-110 10-20 30-40T