HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

Mechanical Thumb

HAWK’s mechanical thumb is a heavy-duty material that works best in clamming up trees, pipes, rocks, and other recycling operations. Since it’s versatile and all-around, it’s also ideal for general construction applications. This product is proven to be cost-effective as it offers unique benefits that increase productivity, like its versatility that adapts to different working conditions. 

The mechanical thumb for the backhoe helps stabilize materials that are difficult to control. This tool is perfect for medium-sized farms and worksites, given that it is small and lightweight. Meanwhile, the mechanical thumb for the excavator is suitable for grasping oddly shaped items in the industrial job sites because it is larger and heavier than the backhoe mechanical thumb. The excavator’s mechanical thumb is the best bet for digging trenches, demolitions, and foundations. 

The product that the brand offers comes in various sizes that fit your liking. Look no further if you’re looking for mechanical thumbs that provide good stability.

Tonnage: 1-50 Ton
Type: Pin-on / Weld-on
Size: Customizable

In order to achieve a more perfect fit, HAWK can customize the size according to the needs of customers.

Thumb Width
Bucket Width to Fit
415 180 300(200-450)
550 300 400(350-500)
830 450 600(500-700)
900 500 650(550-750)
980 600 750(630-850)
1100 700 900(750-1000)
1240 900 1050(950-1200)
1640 1150 1300(1200-1500)