HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

Mini Excavator Bucket

HAWK’s mini excavator bucket is explicitly designed for all types of digging. It’s versatile in that it matches different backhoe loaders and excavators. It also comes with mini excavator bucket teeth and can be used for a wide array of applications. It also works best with moderately abrasive substances like clay, gravel, loam, and dirt. 

It’s the brand’s goal to make tilt buckets for mini-excavator and other excavator attachments that fit excavators and backhoes perfectly. This is exactly why the nine different models of this equipment come in various mini excavator bucket sizes. These models measure somewhere between <3 to 23-27 tonnes. The same models have outline sizes of 8”x 21” to 30”x 62” and weighs between 41to 670 kilograms. 

These customizable excavator buckets are best for different digging applications involving clay, sand, soil, drains, pipe culverts, and narrow cable trenches. Their plate thickness runs from ½  to 1 ¼ inch.

Tonnage: 1-100 Tons
Materials: Q355, NM400, HARDOX
Size: Customizable
Application: Digging narrow cable trenches, pipe culverts or drains, soil, sand, clay, etc.

In order to achieve a more perfect fit, HAWK can customize the size according to the needs of customers.

Model Carrier Outline Size Thumb Weight  Teeth Number  Plate Thickness
(T) (Inch) (Kg)
HWK-MEB1 <3 8”x 21” 41 2  1/2”
HWK-MEB2 <3 8”x 24” 46   1/2”
HWK-MEB3 3-4 8”x 30” 50   1/2”
HWK-MEB4 4-6 10”x 35” 120   5/8”
HWK-MEB5 5.5-7  12”x 40” 113  5/8”
HWK-MEB6 8-10  18”x 45” 226  1”
HWK-MEB7 11-18  18”x 50” 285  1”
HWK-MEB8 18-23  24”x 58” 454  1”
HWK-MEB9 23-27  30”x 62” 670  1 1/4”