HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

Thumb Bucket

The bucket of an excavator bucket with thumb is used by demolition and construction contractors for backhoes and excavators. This is to simplify various moving and heavy lifting tasks. The excavator’s thumb is a flexible tool that can seamlessly lift massive materials like logs, trees, debris, and big rocks with precision. 

Make your excavators more versatile with a 1 to 50-ton weld/pin-on thumb bucket attachment for different material handling tasks like logging, demolition, waste recycling, and site preparation. HAWK uniquely designed a customizable bucket to provide a solidly built thumb that could cater to all excavator models. It works perfectly with all quick coupler types, making it easy to change its bucket and other excavator thumb attachment

Here are some of this product’s salient features:

  • Adjustable and mechanical 
  • Includes complete hardware and pin sets
  • Stick-mounted, progressive, and direct-link hydraulic
  • Rugged design, built to last 
  • Easy installation by licensed welders

This tool is best for various applications like landscape works and handling pipes, stones, construction debris, logs, brush, and waste. 

Tonnage: 1-50 Ton
Type: Pin on/ Weld-on
Size: Customizable
Recommended Application: Used in a variety of applications including the handling of disposal waste, brush, logs, construction debris, stones, pipes, landscape works, and many others.

In order to achieve a more perfect fit, HAWK can customize the size according to the needs of customers.

No. Model Carrier Outline Size Thumb Weight  Teeth Number  Plate Thickness
(T) (Inch) (Kg)
1 HWK-TB2 <3 8”x 21” 41 2  1/2”
2 HWK-TB3 <3 8”x 24” 46   1/2”
3 HWK-TB4 3-4 8”x 30” 50   1/2”
4 HWK-TB6 4-6 10”x 35” 120   5/8”
5 HWK-TB7 5.5-7  12”x 40” 113  5/8”
6 HWK-TB10 8-10  18”x 45” 226  1”
7 HWK-TB18 11-18  18”x 50” 285  1”
8 HWK-TB200 18-23  24”x 58” 454  1”
9 HWK-TB250 23-27  30”x 62” 670  1 1/4”