HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

Trench Bucket

HAWK’s trench bucket can seamlessly dig deep and narrow trenches while keeping an exemplary breakout force, effectively making the excavator cycle times faster. This can both be a trench bucket for the backhoe or a trench bucket for an excavator. These buckets are specially made with abrasion-resistant materials, which explains why it’s lighter than other trenching buckets on the market. Apart from that, it also offers high-strength bottom wear straps and highly durable side wear plates, making the equipment fit for extreme work environments. 

HAWK’s narrow trenching bucket is best for double cutting-edge and large capacity cleaning, grading, sloping, and ditching tasks. The brand’s excavator trenching bucket is also suited for backfilling, finishing, grading, ditch cleaning, and landscaping work. It can also deliver if you need it to handle high-volume lightweight objects. This 1 to 80-ton trenching bucket for the backhoe is also intended for fill leveling, small-scale dozing, and topsoil stripping. 

In order to achieve a more perfect fit, HAWK can customize the size according to the needs of customers.

Tonnes Bucket Type Width Edge Type Bucket Pins Weight (kg)
12T TRENCH BUCKET 1600mm Bolt on cutting edge Included 1,256
15T TRENCH BUCKET 1800mm Bolt on cutting edge Included 1,366
20T TRENCH BUCKET 2000mm Bolt on cutting edge Included 1,851
25T TRENCH BUCKET 2200mm Bolt on cutting edge Included 2,579
30T TRENCH BUCKET 2400mm Bolt on cutting edge Included 3,351