HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

48-Inch General Duty Digging Bucket for John Deere 200G

The HAWK 48-inch general digger bucket fitted for the John Deere 200G excavator is made for light-duty operations like loading, excavation, and earthmoving gravel, loose rock, sand, and earth. This skid steer digging bucket is also ideal for the large-capacity workload like deep earth digging. The advanced digging bucket adapter and high-strength steel can help you save operation time, thereby improving work efficiency.

HAWK’s general duty excavator digging bucket is available in an optional bolt-on edge variant. This bucket is fitted for the John Deere 200G excavator. Please contact us about your specific excavator for our sizes.

HAWK also customizes our general duty digging bucket offerings. Our clients can choose from 12 tonnes to 30 tonnes digging buckets with 36”- 915mm to 54”-1372mm widths and 5 to 6 teeth. Bucket pins are already included in any of these product variants. These digging buckets could weigh somewhere between 405KG to 1395KG.

Excavator Compatibility: John Deere 200G
Capacity: 0.1 – 3cbm
Materials: HARDOX450, NM400, Q355, etc.
Working Conditions: Use in light-duty operations like excavation and loading of earth, sand, and loose.

In order to achieve a more perfect fit, HAWK can customize the size according to the needs of customers.


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