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The CAT 349 Excavator is a powerful and versatile piece of heavy machinery that is used in a variety of construction and mining applications. It is a hydraulic excavator, which means that it uses high-pressure fluid to power its various functions. The CAT 349 Excavator is known for its ability to dig deep trenches, move large amounts of dirt and debris, and perform a wide range of other tasks with precision and efficiency.

One of the most notable features of the CAT 349 Excavator is its impressive digging capabilities. The machine is equipped with a large bucket that can be used to dig deep trenches and excavate large amounts of dirt and rock. This makes it an ideal choice for construction projects that require the excavation of foundations, trenches, and other large-scale excavation work.

The CAT 349 Excavator is also known for its ability to move large amounts of dirt and debris with ease. The machine is equipped with a powerful engine and a large bucket that can be used to scoop up and move large amounts of dirt and debris. This makes the excavator an ideal choice for construction projects that require the movement of large amounts of dirt and debris



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new features
  • Optional CAT 349 Excavator Command remote control allows you to work outside of the cab to help avoid potential hazards.
  • Optional CAT 349 Excavator Detect – People Detection helps the operator avoid personnel on the jobsite with visual and auditory alerts.
  • Optional integrated vehicle health management system alerts the operator with service guidance and parts needed to enhance uptime.
  • Optional single antenna global navigation satellite system (GNSS) gives you visual and auditory guidance to grade.
  • Optional auxiliary relay powers on and turns off CB radios, beacon lights, and other attachments without you taking your hands off the joysticks.
  • Enhance visibility to make service work easier and safer with optional inspection lighting.
  • Make the jobsite safer with an optional swing alarm.
    Not all features are available in all regions. Please check with your local Cat dealer for specific offering availability in your area.
    Build Number: 08B


  • The C7.1 twin turbo engine reliably delivers power to the pumps for maximum production.
  • The electrohydraulic system responds quickly and efficiently to the task at hand.
  • Match the excavator to the job with three power modes – Power, Smart, and Eco.
  • Power mode is maximum power all the time. Smart mode automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions, providing maximum power when needed and reducing power when it isn’t to help save fuel.
  • Eco mode reduces engine speed and keeps it constant to reduce fuel consumption.


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Net Power – ISO 9249 424 HP
Engine Model Cat C13
Engine Power – ISO 14396 425 HP
Bore 5 in
Stroke 6 in
Displacement 763 in³


Main System – Maximum Flow 779 l/min (206 gal/min)
Maximum Pressure – Equipment 5076 psi
Maximum Pressure – Equipment – Lift Mode 5511 psi
Maximum Pressure – Travel 5076 psi
Maximum Pressure – Swing 3771 psi


Swing Speed 8.44 r/min
Maximum Swing Torque 138000 ft·lbf


Operating Weight 105200  lb


Fuel Tank Capacity 188.9 gal (US)
Cooling System 13.7 gal (US)
Engine Oil 10.6 gal (US)
Swing Drive – Each 2.8 gal (US)
Final Drive – Each 4 gal (US)
Hydraulic System – Including Tank 145.3 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank 57.3 gal (US)
DEF Tank 12.2 gal (US)


Boom Reach 6.9m (22’8″)
Stick R3.35m (11’0″)
Bucket GDC 3.08 m³ (4.03 yd³)
Shipping Height – Top of Cab 10.6 ft
Handrail Height 11.1 ft
Shipping Length 39.1 ft
Tail Swing Radius 12.3 ft
Counterweight Clearance 4.2 ft
Ground Clearance 1.6 ft
Track Length 17.6 ft
Track Length to Center of Rollers 14.3 ft
Track Gauge 9 ft
Transport Width 11.9 ft


Maximum Digging Depth 25.1 ft
Boom Reach 6.9m (22’8″)
Stick R3.35m (11’0″)
Bucket GDC 3.08 m³ (4.03 yd³)
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 38.5 ft
Maximum Cutting Height 35.5 ft
Maximum Loading Height 24.4 ft
Minimum Loading Height 9 ft
Maximum Depth Cut for 2440 mm (8 ft) Level Bottom 24.7 ft
Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth 19.1 ft
Bucket Digging Force – ISO 60250 lbf
Stick Digging Force – ISO 44740 lbf