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Amphibious and Marsh Tracks
Excavate in Inaccessible Places

Install our amphibious undercarriage and tracks package and easily be able to dredge and excavate from land, sea, or swamp, we got you covered. Our amphibious undercarriages offer ideal solutions for full dredging and amphibious excavating operations in less than ideal environments such as swamps, marshes, and wetlands.


Amphibious Undercarriage

Complete amphibious undercarriage allowing you to convert your existing excavator into a swamp dredger capable of even more production in harsh areas.


Rugged Tracks

Rugged tracks are included with the amphibious frame, designed for maximum traction in the harsh environments found in wetland, swampy areas.


Swamp Dredging

Swap and shallow water dredging and construction has never been easier with our amphibious undercarriage package, contact us to learn more.


What Are Amphibious Tracks and Undercarriages?

Amphibious Excavators are a perfect match for hard to reach marsh, swamp and shallow water dredging projects. Pontoon undercarriages, also called amphibious undercarriages, can now make this reality.

Swap the factory excavator undercarriage with a floating amphibious undercarriage and go further than ever before. Supports hydraulic and mechanical attachments to create a mobile swamp dredger. This powerful combination of equipment is mobile, less expensive to run and creates more ROI for your project.

What’s Included?

The HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage System supports many types of excavators to give you the mobility needed in harsh and wet environments often found in swamps, marshes, wetlands, and rivers.


Amphibious Undercarriage

Amphibious undercarriages replace your existing undercarriage to make it more buoyant in shallow waters, aiding mobility. 


Marsh / Swamp Tracks

These hardy tracks can withstand the harsh maneuverability associated with wet environments despite the need to get the job done.

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HAWK Vision

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Long Reach Excavator Arms

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage?

The HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage is a specialized system for amphibious excavators and other heavy machinery. It enables these machines to operate in land and water environments, providing exceptional stability and mobility in various terrain conditions.

How does the HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage work?

The undercarriage includes a set of buoyant pontoons and reinforced tracks that allow the machinery to float on water while providing traction on soft, uneven, or submerged surfaces. The pontoons are engineered to ensure optimal buoyancy, while the tracks are designed to minimize ground pressure.

What types of machinery can be fitted with the HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage?

The HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage can be adapted to various heavy machinery, primarily hydraulic excavators. It is suitable for machines ranging from 5 to 50 tons, depending on the model and specifications of the undercarriage.

What applications are suitable for machines equipped with this undercarriage?

Machines fitted with the HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage are ideal for use in swampy areas, wetlands, shallow water, and soft terrain. They are commonly used in dredging, canal cleaning, wetland restoration, and construction projects in challenging environments.

How is maintenance performed on the HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage?

Regular maintenance includes checking the integrity and air tightness of the pontoons, inspecting the tracks and mechanical components for wear and tear, and ensuring that all hydraulic systems are functioning correctly. Specific maintenance procedures can vary based on the model and operating conditions.

What are the key benefits of using the HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage?

The key benefits include:

  • Enhanced Mobility: Allows machines to access and operate in areas otherwise inaccessible to standard undercarriages.
  • Increased Productivity: Enables continuous operation in a variety of environmental conditions without the need for additional support equipment.
  • Safety and Stability: Provides a stable platform for heavy machinery in unstable and aquatic environments.
Are there any limitations to the HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage?

While the HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage significantly enhances the versatility of equipped machinery, it may not be suitable for deep-water operations or extremely rocky and abrasive terrains. It is also generally heavier and may require additional power compared to standard undercarriages.

How can I purchase a HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage?

To purchase a HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage, you can contact the manufacturer directly or contact authorized dealers. Discussing your specific machinery and application needs is advisable to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

Is training required to operate machinery with the HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage?

Yes, operators should receive training on the specific characteristics and handling requirements of amphibious machinery. This training typically covers operation techniques in aquatic and terrestrial environments, safety protocols, and emergency procedures.

Can the HAWK Amphibious Undercarriage be customized?

Yes, the undercarriage can often be customized to meet specific operational requirements, including adjustments to pontoon size, track type, and additional attachments. Customization options should be discussed with the manufacturer to ensure safety and performance standards compliance.

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HAWK Amphibious Excavator Undercarriages completely replace your existing undercarriage to make it completely suitable for dominating the rugged terrain of marshy swamps and wetlands,.

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