Growler 1000 Hydraulic Dredge Pump with 2 Side Cutters

The DAE Pumps Growler 1000 Hydraulic Dredge Pump with 2 Side Cutters is a highly durable and reliable dredge pump for transporting solids and a variety of other materials. Built with two heavy-duty excavator cutters and the industry’s top dredge pump capable of moving up to 2000 cubic meters of solids per hour, the DAE Pumps Growler 1000 provides non-clogging suction power to excavate and pump some of the most challenging dredging situations. The suction power of the mighty pump can handle solids up to 3.9-inches moving up to 70% of solids by weight through a 16-inch discharge.

The Growler 1000 is the hydraulic line of the DAE Pumps platform Growler Series. The Growler 1000 is a robust dredge pump that offers the versatility you need for your next dredging project. To be used as a cable-deployed dredge pump or an excavator mounted dredge pump, the DAE Pumps Growler 1000 can be modified to meet your needs. The heavy-duty excavator cutters enable the pump to unearth very compact material, ensuring the continuous feeding of the suction pump.  The agitator and optional cutter knife inside the pump chop all types of organic material like seaweed, grass, and other aquatic weeds to ensure maximum suction power. 

The Growler 1000 in available many pump sizes and variations. Get yours and start moving solids today!

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Growler 1000 Hydraulic Dredge Pump with 2 Side Cutters.


  • Highly Durable and Abrasion Resistant Dredge Pump
  • 2 Side Cutters for breaking-up material
  • Multiple Size Pumps Options: 3″, 4″, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14″, and 16″
  • Up to 2000 Cubic Meter Per Hour
  • Pumps up to 70% Solids by weight
  • Depth up to 250m
  • Robust Motor for Strong Torque and Long Life
  • Interchangeable Hard Tooth Cutter Heads

Dredging Applications

    DAE Pumps Growler 5000 is ideal for removal of sediment, contaminants, tailing and cleaning to provide for safer navigation, reformation of shorelines and seafloor and other use at:
  • Dams
  • Ports
  • Marinas
  • Rivers
  • Canals
  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Oceans
  • Channels