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Long Reach, Double your reach the Same Day.

Hawk Excavation will allow you to take your equipment and job production to the next level. With same day installation, you will be up and running ready to tackle the toughest jobs. Reach beyond with the 70” Hawk Excavator Long Arm.

Run your job site like never before with Hawk Equipment.

Hawk Excavation will increase your jobsite production in the thick of the toughest jobs. From standard dirt moving to amphibious excavation. From underwater dredging to deep underground construction. Hawk long reach excavator packages will increase your jobsite production and efficiency.

Industry leading excavation. See Hawk equipment in action.

Hawk Excavation has been tested in every environment where you need a tried and true long reach excavator. Underwater dredging, amphibious excavation applications, and waterway construction including reservoirs, dams, rivers, lakes, and lagoons. Hawk is up to the task to increase your output and jobsite production.

Amphibious Excavator Set Up.

If you are running pontoon tracks to handle your excavation project you need a company you can count on. Hawk offers industry leading pontoon tracks for all amphibious excavation applications including long reach arms. Hawk will put you and your team in the position to get the job done.

Reach Beyond, with HAWK.

Efficient Excavation saves YOU money.
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