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*Having an excavator transported can seem somewhat overwhelming but do not get frustrated. The following is for information purposes only and is to give a basic understanding of what is involved with transporting a Long Reach Excavator. When purchasing excavator products from HAWK, we can help you secure the proper transportation to ensure the product arrives at your destination when you need it, and without damage.


What are the Considerations When Transporting a Long Reach Excavator?

Transporting a long-reach excavator requires extra considerations due to the longer boom/stick assembly. Another important consideration is safety; the excavator must be transported to safety to ensure there is no damage to people or property in the process of transporting or loading and unloading the equipment from a transport trailer. There are a number of other important considerations when transporting a long-reach excavator, and we will discuss all of these details throughout the course of this article.

Selecting the Most Appropriate Transporting Vehicle
One of the first steps is choosing an adequate transport vehicle(s), which has enough capacity for the excavator and its attachments. Either a standard flatbed trailer or a “low-boy” flatbed trailer would be a suitable trailer type that can be used to transport a Long Reach Excavator.

Depending on the overall size of the Long Reach Excavator will help determine whether the entire Long Reach Excavator can be transported using a 1-trailer, or the Long Reach Boom/Stick Assembly must be detached from the excavator and transported on a 2nd trailer. The larger the excavator and greater the probability that 2-trailer/tractors must be used.

Proper Weight Distribution
Weight distribution and how the Long Reach Excavator is critical to safely transporting the excavator to the desired destination. The equipment must be positioned on the trailer in a manner that evenly distributes the overall weight of the load and the vehicle so that the maximum weight limitations per axle are not exceeded. If the overall maximum weight of the vehicle (tractor and trailer) exceeds either the maximum weight per axle or maximum vehicle weight of 80,000 lbs. a second trailer must be used to transport the entire load.

Loading and Unloading from the Transport Vehicle
Delivering the machine to the destination includes loading and unloading the Long Reach Excavator from the transport trailer(s). This is accomplished by using ramps that are specifically designed to support the weight of the Long Reach Excavator. Some low-boy trailers are designed so that the trailer can be disassembled into two main components; this allows the excavator to be removed from the front of the trailer, instead of the back of the trailer.

Transportation Regulations
When transporting any heavy equipment it is important to take into account the overall size and height limits for the roads and highways specifically as it pertains to the exact route the diver will take to transport the excavator. The transportation regulations can vary from state to state or region to another. The transportation process begins with knowing the actual size and weight of the long reach excavator and then comparing that information to the transport regulations pertaining to the exact state(s) the transporting will occur. Securing the cargo onto the trailer(s) is another important consideration. All structures and components have to be fully secured according to the cargo securement rules.

When transporting the boom/stick, there are regulations by the state for oversized loads. The load should not extend off the front by more than 3-feet, 4-feet to the rear, and 4-inches to either side. It’s required to mark the oversize load accordingly with signs, lights, banners, and flags so that other drivers on the roadway recognize that load is being transported as an oversized load. Once the entire transporting vehicle exceeds the maximum height, width, length, and weight (80,000 lbs.) limitation the load must be considered an oversized load. Most, if not all states require permits when transporting loads that exceed the standard size and weight limitations. When choosing a transportation company to transport a Long Reach Excavator, make sure that the company you select is familiar with all pertinent regulations and can provide other services like providing an accompanying vehicle (pilot cars) if required.CAT Models 320, 336, and 349
CAT models 320, 336, and 349 are ideal excavators to be fitted with the HAWK Long Reach Upgrade package. Especially considering that the CAT 336 is the most popular excavator sold, and there are more of these models on job sites across the world than any other excavator model sold. HAWK also provides Long Reach Upgrade packages for other brands of excavators as well.


Long Reach Booms & Sticks by HAWK

HAWK Excavator is a premium manufacturer of Long Reach Excavator Kits, RTK GPS Position Systems, Amphibious Undercarriages and Modular Barges. The HAWK Team has many years of experience providing consumers with a high degree of value at a competitive price. Along with the other high quality excavator products available at HAWK, we also offer Long Reach Upgrade Packages that fit directly onto most top-selling excavator brands in the world, including Caterpillar.

These Long Reach Packages can increase the digging depth of a standard excavator by up to 2X greater in reach. Compared to a standard excavator, the addition of the Long Reach Package can increase the maximum digging depth up to 50%. The Long Reach Package is perfectly suited for 10-ton to 40-ton size excavators and larger, and in particular, CAT 320, 336, and 349 models. A CAT 336 standard reach is about 38-ft., and the HAWK Long Reach Upgrade Package for this model is roughly 70-ft. Constructed with a premium steel plate, Weldox 700 or equivalent, and robotically welded for consistent high-quality, this upgrade package is designed to provide value beyond your expectations. The HAWK Long Reach Package comes with a Long Reach Boom, Long Reach Arm/Stick, Bucket and Mounting Pins, and Hydraulic Cylinders for the arm and bucket.

One of the HAWK ADVANTAGES is the simplicity of design and ease of installation of the HAWK Long Reach Upgrade Package. When purchasing an upgrade package from HAWK, all of the hydraulic hoses and brackets are installed at the factory. The only thing an end user must do is attach the proper hydraulic lines from the excavator to the Long Reach Boom/Stick assembly. Installation of a HAWK Long Reach Upgrade package is so simple it can be done in 1-day. Other manufacturer’s Long Reach Upgrade packages can be a lot more complicated to install and in some instances can take up to twice the time to install as the HAWK version.

The HAWK Long Reach Package is a great addition to increase the reach of your excavator for deep digging projects, barge unloading, demolition, and any other excavator applications where a standard boom/stick assembly is not practical, effective, or efficient.

If Survey Grade Precision is required, include the HAWK Vision, a RTK GPS Real Time Position System. The HAWK Vision, sold separately, enables greater precision when digging and removing material from environments where environmental damage is not tolerated. The HAWK Vision is a great addition for achieving greater precision and avoiding over or under digging which can increase cost of the operation; and in some instances result in fines from governing bodies. For more on the incredible value that HAWK Vision can provide go to:


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