Self-Priming Excavator Pump & Bucket

The EDDY Pump Powered Self-Priming Excavator Pump & Bucket is a new patented design that features all of the benefits of the EDDY Pump Excavator Pump Attachment within a traditional rugged excavator digging bucket.

Hawk Excavator is a proud distributor of Eddy Pump's Excavator Pump Attachments.

higher production

This design allows higher production in hard digging environments, utilizing the true digging power of the excavator and bucket teeth. This unit incorporates an EDDY Self Priming Slurry Pump into an excavator digging bucket along with mechanical agitators for high solids pumping while using the hydraulic power of your existing excavator.


We do not use 3rd party pumps as our competition does. These units can be powered by either electric or hydraulic, depending on your needs.

Easy fitting on smaller excavators

Easily fitting on smaller excavators, the Self Priming Excavator Pump & Bucket can pump up to 600 cubic yards of material per hour at distances of up to a mile using a 20-ton excavator! The pump and bucket are both built, designed, and patented by EDDY Pump. This ensures the perfect fit along with support from the same company.


The core of this design is the patented EDDY Pump technology. The design redefines the pumping industry by being the only pump that utilizes the principles of a tornado to create a synchronized eddy current. This pump is not a centrifugal, positive displacement or vortex pump, but instead the most efficient high solids and high specific gravity pump on the market. This translates to the ability to pump higher percent solids of material with less water.

All EDDY Pump Excavator Pump & Buckets are powered by our field-proven, USA Built, industrial self-prime slurry pumps.



  • SAVE UP TO 50%
    Lower cost point because you no longer need a separate power pack.
  • Lower maintenance costs and downtime since there is less equipment and the pump is not underwater.
  • Lower Assembly and Mobilization time.



  • Non-Clog, High Viscosity, High Specific Gravity, High Abrasives, Low pH Pumping Design
  • 30-70% Solids Pumping by Volume
  • Ability to pump objects of up to 12-inches in diameter
  • 100% American Built
  • State-of-the-Art Research and Development Facilities on site
  • Easily process rags, string, rocks and foreign objects

Self-Priming Pump & Bucket Benefits

  • All the same benefits of an Excavator Self-priming pump and also ideal for hard digging environments where you can use the true digging power of an excavator and the bucket teeth
  • Self-prime capabilities allow for easier pump maintenance and longer equipment life
  • Multiple buckets and pump size combinations are available to fit the needs of the job
  • Ability to dredge without the additional cost of an HPU, costing less
  • Quicker mobilization and assembly times
  • Higher material productivity using smaller excavators since you are not limited by weight at the end of the excavator compared to a mounted pump
  • Pump up to 600 cubic yards per hour at distances of up to a mile using a 20-ton excavator.

Pump Features

  • Premium Seal Support System
  • Non-Clogging Design
  • High Solids Handling
  • High Viscosity and Specific Gravity Handling
  • High Abrasives Handling
  • No Critical Tolerances
  • Low Maintenance
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Low Ownership Costs

Applications for Self-Priming Excavator Pump & Bucket

The Self-Priming Excavator Pump & Bucket offers various applications, revolutionizing slurry removal in numerous industries. A self-priming excavator bucket is a versatile and efficient tool in various dredging and sediment removal applications. 

The flexibility and mobility of the self-priming excavator bucket make it suitable for different projects, especially in locations where traditional dredging equipment may have limited access. 

Here are some key areas where this innovative equipment can be effectively utilized:

River and Canal Dredging:

The self-priming excavator bucket clears sediment and debris from rivers, canals, and waterways, improving navigation and maintaining water flow.

Harbor and Port Maintenance:

The operators utilize the self-priming excavator buckets to maintain and deepen harbor and port areas, ensuring sufficient depth for large vessels to access the facilities.

Environmental Dredging:

The pump is employed in environmental restoration projects to remove contaminated sediments from lakes, ponds, and water bodies, enhancing water quality.

Lake and Pond Dredging:

Self-priming excavator bucket removes accumulated sediment, vegetation, and debris from lakes and ponds to prevent siltation and restore their ecosystems.

Construction and Infrastructure Projects:

The pump is used in construction projects involving the creation or expansion of water bodies, such as reservoirs, retention ponds, and canals.

Beach Nourishment:

It replenishes eroded beaches with sand, protecting the coastline and preserving tourism.

Mining Operations:

The pump extracts minerals and materials from underwater deposits.

Dam Maintenance:

It removes sediment buildup near dams and reservoirs, ensuring proper functioning and water management.

Land Reclamation:

The pump is used in land reclamation projects to remove sediment and create usable land areas.

Sediment Removal from Stormwater Basins:

It cleans and maintains stormwater basins, preventing blockages and ensuring effective stormwater management.

Aquaculture and Fish Farming:

The pump is used for pond cleaning and sediment removal in aquaculture and fish farming facilities.

The self-priming excavator bucket offers increased mobility and versatility, allowing it to access and operate in various environments. It can be easily attached to standard excavators, making it a cost-effective solution for dredging projects without requiring specialized dredging vessels. Its ability to handle various types of sediments, debris, and materials makes it essential for maintaining waterways, improving navigation, and promoting environmental conservation.

Higher Production with a smaller excavator since you are not limited by weight at the end of the excavator of the pump.

600 cubic yards of material per hour pumped at distances of up to a mile using a 20-ton excavator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These pumps utilized a self-priming mechanism that allows it to draw in and discharge fluids without the need for external priming. It effectively handles excavation pumping tasks.

Yes, the Self-Priming Excavator Pump Bucket is designed for easy installation, enabling convenient attachment to an excavator’s arm or boom system.

The Self-Priming Excavator Pump Bucket can handle a wide range of materials, including sludge, sediment, sand, gravel, and various types of liquids encountered in excavation projects.

Yes, the Self-Priming Excavator Pump Bucket is suitable for mining operations, efficiently pumping out water, slurry, and other materials encountered in mining activities.

Absolutely, the Self-Priming Excavator Pump Bucket is suitable for oil and gas operations, facilitating the extraction and transfer of fluids, drilling mud, and other substances involved in the industry.

The cost of the Self-Priming Excavator Pump Bucket can vary based on factors such as its capacity, specifications, and additional features. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer or authorized suppliers for pricing details. You can also check out our website for.

These pump buckets differentiate itself from other pump buckets in the market through its self-priming capability, allowing for efficient and reliable pumping without the need for external priming equipment.

We offer a self-priming excavator pump bucket at a lower cost point because you no longer need a separate power pack.

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