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  • Long Reach Booms and Sticks by HAWK

Increasing Your Profits with Aftermarket Excavator Parts

With the cost of business continuing to rise, it has become more challenging for a company to maintain their current financial standing, and even tougher to achieve increased profits. To change this overwhelming economic reality, companies must be willing to select options and make choices that have a greater positive financial impact on their organization.

Oftentimes, the logical choice that must be made to realign profits with the company’s financial expectations, is to veer away from those same ol’ big name OEM brands that you purchase out of habit. This is especially true in an industry like construction where the cost of equipment can be so expensive it can force a company’s equipment budget into a downward spiral.

It is understandable that overcoming the illusion of going with big OEM brands can feel somewhat uncomfortable. Especially if you have bought into all the hype that big OEM brands offer greater quality or some other perceived benefit. Breaking this false perception is where an opportunity can be seized to regain those lost profits and achieve a greater return for your organization’s blood, sweat, and tears.

The false reality of big-name brands being better is what gave birth to the aftermarket product provider, and the incredible and countless advantages that can be gained by avoiding the “big brand trap” and using an aftermarket brand. In these challenging economic times, when it comes down to it, achieving greater success is a conscious choice; making the choice to go with an aftermarket company can make the most sense – literally! Especially when it comes to purchasing aftermarket heavy-equipment parts and accessories.

Hawk Long Reach Excavator Kits Overview

Top 10 List of Excavator Manufacturers in the World

Current as of January 1, 2021

  1. Volvo CE
  2. Caterpillar Inc.
  3. Komatsu
  4. Doosan
  5. Hitachi
  6. JCB
  1. Liebherr Group
  2. Deere & Company
  3. Hyundai Heavy Industries
  4. Case CE

CAT Models 320, 336, & 349

Caterpillar has a proven track record and can be found on many jobs sites across the world. Considered to be one of the best excavator brands in the world, CAT also comes at a premier cost. CAT models 320, 336, and 349 are some of the most popular excavator models purchased. Combined, over 1,000 of these models are sold each year worldwide.

CAT 320 (22.4 tons) and 336 (36.5 tons) are considered standard-size excavators, and CAT 349 (46.9 tons) is a large size excavator. These models are designed for larger-scale projects and equipped with motors up to 424 horsepower. The CAT 320 is a bit smaller but can still pack a punch with a 172 horsepower motor. CAT 320 and 336 can be easily transported without disassembly, but CAT 349 does require some disassembly due to the larger size.

The size of the excavator is not a good indicator of the reach or possible digging depth. As a matter of fact, out of these three models, the CAT 336 has the longest digging depth at 26.9 ft., and the overall range of digging depth between the three CAT models is limited to only 4.8 ft.

To increase the profit potential of each of these models, Long Reach Upgrade Packages from HAWK can be purchased to convert your standard reach excavator into a long reach excavator to gain 2X reach.

Long Reach capabilities increase the efficiency of an excavator by reducing the repetitive back-and-forth movement associated with digging and maneuvering the excavator around the job site. This can increase productivity and reduce the expense required to complete each task.

Going with aftermarket excavator parts and long reach systems lowers the cost while increasing production.


Optimize Your Excavator.

Long Reach Booms and Sticks by HAWK

HAWK Excavator is one of those companies that are confident in going up against the big-name brands for the sake of providing consumers with incredible value and quality at a competitive price. Among the many excavator products that HAWK provides, they also offer Long Reach Upgrade Packages that can be directly bolted onto most of the top-selling excavator brands in the world, including Caterpillar.

Quality you can count on, these Long Reach Packages can extend the reach of any standard excavator by as much as 2X greater in reach. They are ideally suited for 10-ton to 40-ton size excavators and larger, and in particular, CAT 320, 336, and 349 models. The HAWK Long Reach Package comes with a Long Reach Boom, Long Reach Arm/Stick, Bucket and Mounting Pins, and Hydraulic Cylinders for the arm and bucket. Along with this high-quality offering, the entire assembly is pre-plumbed for hydraulics and a slurry hose.

A solution for those hard-to-reach places, this Long Reach Upgrade Package provides greater versatility and reduces operating costs by increasing digging depth and reach by up to 50% compared to a standard boom assembly. As an example, a CAT 336 standard reach is about 38-ft., and the HAWK Long Reach Upgrade Package for this model is roughly 70-ft. Constructed with a premium steel plate, Weldox 700 or equivalent, and robotically welded for consistent high-quality, this upgrade package is designed to provide value beyond your expectations. The HAWK Long Reach Package is a great addition to any standard excavator for deep foundation excavation, industrial demolition, large digging projects, barge unloading, and for any task where a standard boom/stick assembly is not efficient or practical.

Outfitting an Excavator for Dredging Applications
Adding the Long Reach Package to your excavator, and also including a dredge pump with a cutter head affixed to the end of the stick, can further expand the use of your excavator use. The Long Reach and Dredge Pump combo allow an excavator to be used for dredging applications to remove sentiment and debris in rivers, lakes, canals, harbors, and many other types of waterways.


How HAWK Excavator Can Help

Considering all of the challenges a construction company faces daily, from project to project, it is critical that your operation be outfitted with the best excavation equipment available.

HAWK Excavator is a Manufacturer of Long Reach Excavator Kits, RTK GPS Position Systems, Amphibious Undercarriages, and Modular Barges. We have decades of experience with heavy-duty excavator equipment to enhance and optimize excavation projects worldwide.

Top Product Upgrades for Excavators

All HAWK products are simple to install on your excavator to assist with a wide range of excavation, construction, and dredging projects.  

The top requested product is a conversion from standard to long reach.

For more on the value that HAWK Excavator can provide, Go To:  https://hawkexcavator.com/