What You Need to Know About Sectional Barges

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  • What are Sectional Barges?
  • Different Uses of a Sectional Barge
  • Industries where Sectional Barges are Used
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What are Sectional Barges?

A sectional barge is a floating platform that comes in a variety of sizes, and most have a flat top and bottom.   The history of the barge is interesting in that they were an effective form of transportation that enabled access to areas that other forms of transportation could not provide.  Even though the barge has evolved throughout the years, it still provides the same basic value as did the first known barge which was Egyptian and dated back to 2500 BC.  Their primary purpose is to transport large heavy loads down a river, across a lake, harbor, or canal, or along with some other type of waterway. 

Some sectional barges are designed so that each barge can be connected together to make a multi-succession of barges that can be used to haul a very large volume of materials and/or heavy equipment to the desired final destination.  Some sectional barges are manufactured in lightweight modular subcomponents so that they can be transported by truck to whatever location is required for use.  

There is a variation in the complexity of different types of sectional barges.  Some are very simple and are only floating platforms that may consist of a collection of modular subcomponents and/or floating pontoons.  Other section barges can be outfitted with many different types of features and technologies.  They can be self-propelled or require a means of movement such as a boat that is attached to the barge that tugs it along the waterway.  Some barges are designed with self-propulsion systems that work well in extremely shallow water.  There are also barges that are built for specific purposes such as construction or dredging where an excavator or crane is affixed to the deck of the barge.  

Industries Where Sectional Barges are Used

Although the barge industry is smaller than other types of transportation-related industries, considering the unique environment that sectional barges operate in, they are a required piece of equipment for completing many different tasks within a water or marine environment. 

  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Dredging
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Maritime
  • Evironmental
  • Shoreline Excavation
  • Barge Bridge
  • Docking

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