Long Reach vs. Super Long Reach Excavators

This Article Includes

  • Super Long Reach & Applications
  • Standard Long Reach & Applications
  • Getting Operational

When your work is a bit hard to get to, reach further for HAWK Long Reach Excavators.

HAWK Long Reach Kits are a specialized excavator add-on designed to optimally perform against the unique challenges of excavating or dredging at a distance.

Super long reach excavators excel in applications such as ditch digging and slope finishing, while standard long reach excavation excavators excel at heavier-duty work that requires more digging force and lift capacity.

Super Long Reach Excavators

Cat Super Long Reach Excavators are a great fit for lighter-duty, long-distance applications, including:

  • Ditch cleaning
  • Slope finishing
  • Settling pond clean out
  • Waterway and canal maintenance
  • Vegetation control

Long Reach Excavators

When your job calls for heavier work at a distance, call on HAWK Long Reach Excavation Excavators. They excel in long distance applications, including:

  • General excavation
  • Hydraulic dredging
  • Ditch cleaning
  • Settling ponds
  • Canal maintenance
  • Loose material transfer
With a super long reach arm and boom package, your excavator reach is enhanced by up to 40% than that of a standard reach configuration with approximately 40% of the digging forece. This means you can dig deeper and further with less maneuvering than ever before.

The super long reach kit can fit on CAT 320, 323, 326, or 330 equivolent, with the best performance coming from the CAT 323 or CAT 330. All super long reach excavators use a heavier counterweight than equivalent standard reach excavators.

Optimize Your Excavator.

How Long Does it Take to Get Operational?

Hawk long reach excavation packages come ready to go. Equipment fleet managers and operators are not going to have to spend hours in the field running hydraulic lines fighting to accommodate new equipment. Our equipment comes ready for field install and is set to take any demolition attachments you are looking to run. We have designed our equipment with uptime and productivity in mind so you can get the work done. Long reach excavator prices and availability vary by needs and lead times so contact a Hawk Equipment professional today to schedule a consultation and needs analysis.
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How HAWK Excavator Can Help

Considering all of the challenges a construction company faces daily, from project to project, it is critical that your operation be outfitted with the best excavation equipment available.

HAWK Excavator is a Manufacturer of Long Reach Excavator Kits, RTK GPS Position Systems, Amphibious Undercarriages, and Modular Barges. We have decades of experience with heavy-duty excavator equipment to enhance and optimize excavation projects worldwide.

Top Product Upgrades for Excavators

All HAWK products are simple to install to your excavator to assist with a wide range of excavation, construction, and dredging projects.  

The top requested product is a conversion from standard to long reach.

For more on the value that HAWK Excavator can provide, Go To:  https://hawkexcavator.com/