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Komatsu PC360 Rotary Hydraulic Grapple

HAWK’s Komatsu PC360 Rotary Hydraulic Grapple the demolition grapple, more familiarly known as the ‘iron claw’, is a dividable mechanical grapple that has the most power. On the other hand, the hydraulic excavator rotating grapple offers 360-degree mobility and better precision. 

HAWK’s Komatsu PC360 Rotary Hydraulic Grapple takes pride in its excavator hydraulic rotating grapple that’s highly optimized for waste handling, rock moving, and demolition applications. The brand’s 360-degree hydraulic rotating grapple is equipped with a high-quality hydraulic motor system and is made up of high-tensile steel. This results in cheaper operating costs and better productivity. 

HAWK’s Komatsu PC360 Rotary Hydraulic Grapple has a simple structure and is lightweight – qualities responsible for its better clamping force and smooth operation. 

Excavator Range: 35-40 Ton
Rotation Degree: 360 degrees
Recommended Application: Optimized for demolition, rock, and waste handling applications

Max. OpeningOperating PressureSet Up PressureOperating FluxWeight