HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

Volvo 480 Non-Rotating Clamshell

HAWK’s Volvo 480 Non-Rotating Clamshell is best for dredging and material re-handling. This Volvo 480 Non-Rotating Clamshell bucket is available in three different versions: heavy-duty, standard, and light. Regardless of the versions, these equipment pieces feature a 360-degree sealed rotation. There are also units meant for environmental applications. 

HAWK’s Volvo 480 Non-Rotating Clamshell excavator ranges for 48 tons. HAWK can also customize a hydraulic clamshell bucket to fit any client-specified applications and bespoke demands. While these clamshell buckets are typically used in excavation, they can also be utilized for other uses. Every application comes with unique requirements with designs that need to be optimized for maximum efficiency. 

HAWK’s Volvo 480 Non-Rotating Clamshell for excavators is known for its efficiency, functionality, and quality. The company can develop, design, and even manufacture mechanical and hydraulic clamshells for cranes and excavators. Customers can customize the machine depending on its width, grip measure, capacity, and opening.

Excavator Range: 48 Ton