HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

Silent Breaker Hammer

The secret of a powerful silent breaker hammer is in its structure, and HAWK Excavator’s silent breaker hammer is a great example. It has a fully-enclosed body shell with damping material that serves as a buffer to lessen the carrier’s vibration. In addition, the box breaker safeguards the hammer body and never loosens. Hawk has offered these quality excavator attachments for two decades now.

This high-performance silenced-type breaker hammer excavator attachment powers up the machine, helping you break up rock, concrete, and other tough materials faster. For smaller and hard-to-access areas, opting for a hydraulic hammer breaker for a mini excavator is a great idea.

Key features:

  •  Low noise operation
  •  Made of high-quality, wear-resistant metals
  • Can be customized 
  • High-impact performance

A standard or mini excavator breaker hammer meets the requirement of demolition, production, construction, and quarry breaking activities.

In order to achieve a more perfect fit, HAWK can customize the size according to the needs of customers.

ModelOperating Weight
Operating Weight
Operating Weight
Working FlowWorking PressureImpact RateChisel DiameterHose DiameterApplicable ExcavatorOperating Weight
(Skid Steer)
Operating Weight
HWK-SBH17580061506500300~450210~250200~3002103/2, 5/465~120  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Silent Breaker Hammer?

A Silent Breaker Hammer is a hydraulic hammer attachment designed for demolition and construction tasks. It is mounted on excavators to break through concrete, asphalt, and other hard materials quietly and efficiently.

How does a Silent Breaker Hammer work?

The Silent Breaker Hammer operates as an excavator breaker, utilizing hydraulic power from the excavator. When attached, it converts the hydraulic energy into mechanical force, allowing the breaker to deliver powerful and precise impacts without excessive noise.

What are the benefits of using a Silent Breaker Hammer?

The primary benefits include reduced noise levels, making it ideal for urban and residential areas with strict noise regulations. Additionally, it offers high efficiency in breaking tough materials and enhances the excavator’s versatility.

Can a Silent Breaker Hammer be used on any excavator?

The Silent Breaker Hammer is versatile and can be fitted on various excavators. However, it is crucial to match the hammer attachment to the excavator size and hydraulic flow specifications to ensure optimal performance and prevent damage to both the hammer and the excavator.

What should I consider when choosing a Silent Breaker Hammer?

Consider the weight of the hammer, hydraulic flow requirements, and the size of your excavator. It’s also essential to evaluate the type of material you will be breaking and the typical working environment to ensure you choose a model that meets your needs.

How do I maintain a Silent Breaker Hammer?

Regular maintenance includes checking hydraulic lines for leaks, inspecting the tool and bushings for wear, and ensuring all bolts and connections are tight. Regular greasing is also essential to maintaining the hammer attachment for the excavator’s optimal performance and longevity.

Are there any safety precautions to take when using a Silent Breaker Hammer?

Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including ear protection, even with a silent model. Ensure the excavator is stable during operation and keep bystanders safe. Additionally, all manufacturer guidelines and training must be followed for safe operation.

How does a Silent Breaker Hammer differ from standard hydraulic breakers?

The critical difference lies in the noise reduction technology. Silent Breaker Hammers are designed to operate with less noise, making them suitable for noise-sensitive environments without sacrificing performance.

Can a Silent Breaker Hammer be repaired if it breaks down?

Yes, Silent Breaker Hammers can be serviced and repaired. It is recommended to use authorized service centers where technicians are trained to handle specific issues related to hydraulic hammer attachments, ensuring your equipment is restored to its best condition.