Cable-Deployed Dredge Pumps

Cable-deployed dredge pumps are the preferred tools to dredge or pump material from deeper underwater waterways, pits in areas with wells or deep groundwater, and even for unloading barges. These dredge pumps require the use of a crane with cable and pulley systems. The cable-deployed dredge pump is suspended by the cable and is lowered and raised to reach the required depth, and provides a large radius with various reach. The crane operator can easily maneuver the pump in the desired location. Cable-deployed dredge pumps by DAE Pumps can reach depths of up to 250 ft in water and pump material at distances of over a mile at rates of up to 1300 cubic yards of material per hour.    

The DAE Pumps cable-deployed dredge pumps can be fitted with a water jetting ring that agitates the material to increase production rates. They can be powered hydraulically or electrically, and DAE Pumps offers a variety of cable-deployed pumps that range from 4 inches up to 16 inches. DAE Pumps is the leading dredge manufacturer of cable-deployed dredge pumps. We manufacture over 150  different sizes and powers to fit your exact need. Contact us today for a quote! 

Growler 1000 Hydraulic Dredge Pump with 2-Side Cutters

The DAE Pumps Growler 1000 Hydraulic Dredge Pump with 2-Side Cutters is a highly durable and reliable dredge pump for transporting solids and a variety of other materials. Built with two heavy-duty excavator cutters and the industry’s top dredge pump capable of moving up to 2000 cubic meters of solids per hour, the Growler 1000 provides non-clogging suction power to excavate and pump some of the most challenging dredging situations. The suction power handles solids up to 3.9-inches.

Growler 3000 Electric Dredge Pump with 2-Side Cutters

The DAE Pumps Growler 3000 Electric Dredge Pump with 2 Side Cutters is an extremely rugged dredge pump for transporting the most abrasive solids from heavy-duty dredging situations. Two industrial-strength excavator cutters and a heavy-duty dredge pump enable the Growler 3000 to transfer up to 1200 cubic meters of material per hour through a maximum 16-inch discharge. The suction power can handle solids up to 3.9-inches and transfers up to 30% solids without clogging.


Selecting a Cable-Deployed Dredge Pump

Selecting the correct dredge system is critical for the success of a project. DAE Pumps produces reliable dredge pumps that continuously transfer large solids with little mechanical downtime. The open impeller design and powerful suction of the DAE Pumps dredge pumps allow for easy passage of large solids, and our dredge pumps lead the industry in durability and power. The hi-chrome body with a Brinell hardness of 600, offering the ultimate wear protection. They grind through with ease the material that typically clogs, wears, and breaks other dredge pumps.

Dredging utilizes high powered pumps to transfer water and slurry through a pipeline over a set distance. It often involves working under highly sensitive or harsh conditions, so selecting the correct dredge system and pump is critical for the success of a project. DAE Pumps works with many marine contractors to provide complete solutions for their dredging needs. On top of the dredge pump, we offer turnkey solutions that include dredge hoses, flow meters, hydraulic power units, and everything else you will need for your next project. 

Guarantee the right pump size and power for the job with a free DAE Pumps custom pump curve that graphically represents the pump’s flow rate of a specific head based on your exact requirements. Contact a DAE Pumps representative today!

Features of DAE Pumps Cable-Deployed Dredge Pumps

  • Capable of Pumping Wide Array of Materials
  • Large Selection of Pumps and Configurations
  • Pump Abrasive and Gritty Material with Ease
  • High Tolerance Between Impeller and Pump Casing, Allowing Larger Solids
  • Low Maintenance