HBH750T Top Hydraulic Breaker Hammer – 3-inch Chisel 

HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

HAWK HBH750T Top Hydraulic Breaker Hammers with 3-inch chisel are essential in mining, demolitions, excavations, and quarries as it chips away large boulders and concrete structures. Most contractors prefer using the HAWK Excavator hydraulic hammers HBH750T because of their high performance, which is also why it is present on most construction sites. The HAWK hydraulic breaker hammers reduce manual work, saving energy, and efficiently breaks up concrete, rocks, and other hard materials.

HBH750T top breaker hammers by HAWK Excavator are versatile and combine superior efficiency and high reliability to the job site. It is adaptable and sustainable, fitting every construction need. We offer different sizes of top hydraulic breaker hammers to fit a variety of excavator makes and models. Our breaker hammer designs provide simplicity but adept technology that guarantees ease of setup and premium service support. With this, you will have an extra reliable hand on the job site, helping you in your everyday construction operations.

The HAWK HBH750T Hydraulic Breaker Hammer is part of the Top Hydraulic Breaker Hammer Series, which offer a variety of other diameters, tonnages, working flow and working pressures.

Excavator Tonnage: 6-9 Tons
Type: Top
Chisel Options: Moil point, Blunt, Flat chisel, Conical point

HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

Product Specifications

Model: HBH750T
Excavator Weight: 6-9 Tons
Chisel Diameter: 3 in (75 mm)
Chisel Options: Moil point, Blunt, Flat chisel, Conical point
Chisel Quantity: 2
Operating Weight: 882 lbs. (400 kg)
Working Flow: 13-24 GPM (50-90 L/min)
Working Pressure: 1707-2418 PSI (120-170 kg/cm2)


  • Mining
  • Demolition
  • Construction
  • Quarry

For Use On:

  • Skid steer loader
  • Backhoe loader
  • Crane
  • Telescopic handler
  • Wheel loader
  • Excavator

Benefits of Top Hydraulic Breaker Hammers 

HBH750T top hydraulic breaker hammers offer several benefits for construction, demolition, and mining applications. These benefits include:

Increased productivity: HBH750T hydraulic breaker hammers deliver powerful impacts, allowing for the efficient breaking of rock, concrete, and other materials. This increases productivity by reducing the time and effort required to complete the job.

Extremely Versatile: Hydraulic breaker hammers can be used in various applications, such as demolition, excavation, trenching, and breaking oversized materials. They can also be mounted on different carriers, including excavators, backhoes, and skid steer loaders, providing flexibility to handle various tasks.

Low maintenance: Top hydraulic breaker hammers are designed with minimal moving parts, which reduces the risk of mechanical failures and the need for frequent maintenance. The hydraulic system also eliminates the need for a separate compressor or hoses, simplifying the setup.

Low Noise: HAWK Hydraulic breaker hammers produce less noise compared to pneumatic or mechanical hammers. This makes them more suitable for use in urban areas or environments where noise pollution is a concern.

Vibration control: Hydraulic breaker hammers often feature advanced vibration control systems, which minimize the vibration transmitted to the carrier and operator. This reduces fatigue and improves operator comfort, ultimately enhancing productivity.

Heavy-duty Durability: High-quality hydraulic breaker hammers are built with robust materials and components, ensuring a long service life even in challenging working conditions.

Energy efficiency: Hydraulic breaker hammers use the hydraulic power of the carrier, which is generally more energy-efficient than pneumatic or mechanical systems. This results in lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

Easy attachment: Hydraulic breaker hammers can be easily attached to and detached from the carrier, making it convenient for operators to switch between different tools and tasks.

HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

Features of Top Hydraulic Breaker Hammers

HBH750T Top hydraulic breaker hammers come with a range of features that enhance their performance, durability, and ease of use. Some of these features include:

High-impact energy: HAWK Excavator top hydraulic breaker hammers are designed to deliver powerful impacts, enabling them to break through tough materials such as rock, concrete, and asphalt more efficiently.

Advanced vibration control: The HAWK breakers incorporate vibration-dampening systems that reduce the amount of vibration transmitted to the carrier and the operator. This helps to minimize fatigue, enhance operator comfort, and improve productivity.

Robust construction: Our high-quality hydraulic breaker hammers are made from durable materials and components to withstand challenging working conditions and provide a long service life.

Variable frequency and energy control: Adjustable impact frequency and energy settings, allowing operators to customize the breaker’s performance for different materials and applications.

Noise reduction: Top hydraulic breakers by HAWK Excavator are designed to minimize noise levels during operation, making them more suitable for use in urban areas or environments where noise pollution is a concern.

Frequently Asked Questions – HBH750T Top Mounted Hydraulic Breaker Hammer 

What types of materials can the HBH750T hydraulic breaker hammer effectively break?

The HBH750T is capable of breaking through various materials such as concrete, asphalt, rock, and compacted soil, making it versatile for a wide range of excavation and demolition tasks.

How does the HBH750T perform in different weather conditions?

The HBH750T hydraulic breaker hammer is designed to perform reliably in different weather conditions, including extreme temperatures and humid environments. Its robust construction and durable components ensure consistent performance, even in challenging weather conditions.

Is the HBH750T suitable for underwater applications?

Yes, the HBH750T hydraulic breaker hammer can be used for underwater applications, such as underwater excavation and demolition projects. Its sealed design and corrosion-resistant materials make it suitable for working in submerged conditions.

Can the HBH750T hydraulic breaker hammer be used for precision work?

While the HBH750T is primarily designed for heavy-duty breaking tasks, it can also be used for precision work with proper control and adjustment of impact settings. Operators can customize the impact frequency and energy output to achieve precise results when necessary.

What safety features does the HBH750T hydraulic breaker hammer have?

The HBH750T is equipped with safety features such as anti-blank firing system and automatic shut-off mechanisms to prevent accidental firing and ensure operator safety. Additionally, it has a protective shield to minimize the risk of flying debris during operation.

Can the HBH750T hydraulic breaker hammer be used for road construction and maintenance?

Yes, the HBH750T is suitable for road construction and maintenance tasks, including breaking up asphalt and concrete surfaces, removing road debris, and trenching for utility installation. Its versatile performance makes it an ideal tool for various roadwork applications.