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Case CX210 Long Reach Arm – 57’5″ | CASECX210-LRA2360

Case CX210 Long Reach Arm – 60’8″ | CASECX210-LRA2360

The Case CX210 excavator, bearing the model number CASECX210-LRA2360, is a true powerhouse in heavy machinery engineered to tackle a broad spectrum of excavation tasks. With an astonishing length of 60 feet 8 inches (18.5 meters), this excavator provides operators with unparalleled reach, enabling them to access and work efficiently in even the most challenging construction site areas. Its boom extends an impressive 33 feet 12 inches (10.3 meters), and the stick reaches 26 feet 1 inch (7.9 meters), granting operators unparalleled flexibility and precision for digging trenches, excavating foundations, and efficiently handling materials.

While the bucket capacity of the Case CX210 is slightly smaller at 0.65 cubic yards (0.5 cubic meters), its robust construction and dependable performance make it a top choice for contractors and construction professionals seeking reliability and versatility. This excavator is a workhorse that excels in demanding projects of all sizes and complexities, ensuring efficient material handling and transport on the job site.

Complementing its remarkable specifications, the Case CX210 has advanced technology and safety features, providing operators with a comfortable and efficient workspace. Despite its slightly smaller bucket capacity, this excavator’s potent combination of reach, reliability, and precision positions it as a valuable asset for construction and excavation projects that demand top-tier performance and accuracy.

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Case CX210 Long Reach Arm

HAWK Long Reach Specs

Our production facility is ISO 9001, certified in 2011. HAWK can guarantee consistent quality manufacturing and timely delivery of our long-reach systems, and other excavator products. Along with our ISO 9001 certification, HAWK is also CE certified; each HAWK Long Reach System bears the CE logo. Each and every HAWK Long Reach System is manufactured to comply with our quality system to ensure that our customers always receive the high-quality product that they require.
60’8″ (18.5 m)
Boom Length
33’12” (10.35 m)
Stick Length
26’1″ (7.95 m)
Max Reach (A)
60’3″ (18.36 m)
Max Depth (B)
47’8″ (14.54 m)
Max Height (C)
50″ (15.4 m)
Boom Height (D)
9’4″ (2.84 m)
Bucket Capacity
0.65 yd³ (0.5 m³)
HAWK LRA Dimensions

Features of CASE CX210 Long Reach Arm

Extended Boom and Arm

The extended boom and arm length allows operators to access distant areas and excavate deep trenches or foundations without the need for frequent repositioning.

Robust Construction

HAWK Excavator Case CX210 Long Reach Arms CASECX210-LRA2360 feature sturdy, reinforced components and high-quality materials to withstand heavy-duty excavation tasks ensuring robust operations.

Precise Control

They typically come with advanced hydraulic systems and proportional joysticks, allowing operators to hold better controls while digging, grading, and material handling.

Analysis and Simulation

Quality and durability is always our top priority. Every assembly of our excavator long reach arms undergoes rigorous Simulation Stress and Strength Analysis tests to ensure best quality and extreme durability. All these tests are conducted under the strict vigilance of trained engineers and latest applications & CAD software.

NDT Test

HAWK Excavator Case CX210 Long Reach Arms CASECX210-LRA2360 are built to deliver power-packed performance. Thanks to our superior quality welding techniques that offer super strength and extreme durability to our long reach arms for excavators. Thorough NDT Tests are conducted on each welded assembly to ensure our excavator arms meet or exceed the quality standards.

Optional Accessories:

Pre-Plumbed Hydraulic Lines and Hose Brackets

  • Pre-plumbed plug-n-play hydraulic and discharge hose lines saves time and gets the project started sooner. Attach tool and get to work.
  • 3 person/8hr day doing setup equals 24 hours of labor time that can be avoided by using HAWK Excavator Case CX210 Long Reach Arms CASECX210--LRA2360 kits that are ready on arrival. (Hydraulics & Hose Brackets Pre-Installed)
  • Supports both hydraulic dredge pump attachments and standard mechanical dredging. *Pump not included.


Hydraulic Hose Connections

Every long reach assembly comes with pre-installed hose connections that are highly flexible offering the hoses durability and super strength. Our superior quality hoses account for better flow of hydraulic fluids and a conduit to keep the entire assembly moving seamlessly.

Slurry Discharge Hose Brackets

The long reach arm assembly also has strong-built optional slurry discharge hose brackets designed to maximize the overall flow and throughput. Their design and build makes them highly resistant to any abrasive materials and extend their lifetime with great uptime.

Benefits of Case CX210 Long Reach Arm

Extended Reach

HAWK Excavator Case CX210 Long Reach Arms CASECX210-LRA2360 convert any normal excavator into a superior machine by extending their overall reach. With these arms, excavators can reach areas that are difficult to reach. This comes beneficial while dredging across rivers or canals, deep digging, and high elevation demolition.

Deep Digging

These long reach arms provide increased digging depth, allowing for efficient excavation of deep foundations, trenches, or underground utilities. They eliminate the need for frequent repositioning of the excavator, saving time and increasing productivity on the job site.


HAWK Excavator Case CX210 Long Reach Arms CASECX210-LRA2360 are compatible with a range of attachments. This makes these arms versatile for a wide range of applications. Also, operators can switch between these attachments to execute a number of operations without any additional equipment.

Extreme Precision

The long reach arms allow operators to carry out operations with high accuracy. This feature makes any normal excavator an extremely precise machine while excavating or dredging across areas that are almost hidden or hard to access.

Environment Friendly

Unlike other excavator attachments, HAWK Excavator Case CX210 Long Reach Arms CASECX210-LRA2360 don’t create much disturbances while in action. Employing any excavator with these long reach arms ensures lesser impact on the ecosystem and wildlife habitats.

All HAWK Excavator Case CX210 Long Reach Arms CASECX210-LRA2360 are easy to install with your excavator to assist with a wide range of excavation, construction, and marine dredging projects.

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