John Deere 470G Long Reach Arm – 72’2″ | JD470G-LRA4672

HAWK Excavator is a Manufacturer of John Deere 470G Long Reach Arm LRA4672, RTK GPS Position Systems, Amphibious Undercarriages and Modular Barges. We have decades of experience with heavy-duty excavator equipment to enhance and optimize excavation projects worldwide.

HAWK’s John Deere 470G Long Reach Arm LRA4672 is best for dredging and material re-handling. This John Deere 470G Long Reach Arm LRA4672 is available in three different versions: heavy-duty, standard, and light. There are also units meant for environmental applications. 

HAWK’s John Deere 470G Long Reach Arm LRA4672 ranges for 49 tons. HAWK can also customize a long reach arm kit to fit any client-specified applications and bespoke demands. While these long reach arms are typically used in excavation, they can also be utilized for other uses. Every application comes with unique requirements with designs that need to be optimized for maximum efficiency. 

HAWK’s John Deere 470G Long Reach Arm LRA4672 is known for its efficiency, functionality, and quality. The company can develop, design, and even manufacture mechanical and hydraulic clamshells for cranes and excavators. Customers can customize the machine depending on its width, grip measure, capacity, and opening.

Excavator Range: 49 Ton

HAWK Long Reach Specs

Our production facility is ISO 9001, certified in 2011. HAWK can guarantee consistent quality manufacturing and timely delivery of our long-reach systems, and other excavator products. Along with our ISO 9001 certification, HAWK is also CE certified; each HAWK Long Reach System bears the CE logo. Each and every HAWK Long Reach System is manufactured to comply with our quality system to ensure that our customers always receive the high-quality product that they require.

Excavator Weight (ton)46-50
Length72.2 ft (22 m)
Boom Length40.4 ft (12.30 m)
Arm Length30.5 ft (9.27 m)
A Max Reach72.3 ft (22.03 m)
B Max Depth52.9 ft (16.08 m)
C Max Height66.10 ft (20.36 m)
D Boom Height11.8 ft (3.55 m)
Bucket Capacity1.18 yd3
HAWK LRA Dimensions

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