El Cajon, California, USA, April 10, 2023: 

Hawk Excavator, a leading name in the excavation equipment industry, has recently launched its flagship product lines. These include long-reach arms (long stick excavators or long boom excavators), amphibious undercarriages /amphibious excavator tracks, and RTK/GPS.

This equipment tracks and monitor underwater projects remotely. The company also offers attachments like grapples, breaker hammers, and buckets compatible with leading construction and mining equipment manufacturers. Breaker hammers are of top, side, and box types and are essential in mining, demolitions, excavations, and quarries. This is because it chips away large boulders and concrete structures.

The products are built to optimize and enhance all heavy-duty excavation needs globally with unparalleled strength, performance, efficiency, and productivity. It is ISO 9001 certified.

Moreover, the products perfectly blend power, precision, and variety. This makes it ideal for various industries, including construction, lake excavation, mining, etc. It boasts superior quality and advanced features and is easy to move.

This makes it an unbeatable choice in the market. To be competitive, it’s recommended to take advantage of their services.

Types of Hawk Products/ Types of Equipment

These products include various excavator attachments and are large equipment. These include models compatible with the world’s top manufacturers, such as

  • Caterpillar (CAT 320, CAT 325, CAT 336, CAT 349).
  • Also, other manufacturers or construction equipment suppliers include Komatsu, Hitachi, John Deere, and more.

Hawk offers amphibious dredging attachments, such as grapples, breaker hammers, buckets, RTK GPS Kits, and long-reach arms.

Grapples are of many types: Demolition, Hydraulic, Mechanical, and Rotating Hydraulic.  These are heavy-duty attachments commonly used in demolition and construction work. Also, the main utility is to grab, lift, and move large pieces of debris, such as concrete, steel, and timber. Hydraulic grapples have a vast jaw opening allowing the operator to pick up different larch materials.

The mechanical grapple is an excellent alternative to excavator buckets. It converts the latter into machines fit for demolition site cleanups, sorting trash, and handling loose materials. HAWK offers different sizes and models to match any excavator tasks you have on-site. 

HAWK takes pride in its excavator hydraulic rotating grapple that’s highly optimized for waste handling, rock moving, and demolition applications.

RTK GPS remotely tracks and monitors underwater dredging projects. The long reach arm allows the excavator to easily reach difficult areas, making the work quick and efficient.

Buckets are the best for dredging and material re-handling. Clamshell, General Digging, and Severe Duty are of many types.

Hawk Excavator

The products are designed to cater to a diverse range of industries. The company’s products are a perfect choice for construction sites, with their superior strength and efficiency. It can also be used in sewage (treated water) and water treatment sites/water treatment plants, and ground stations. Its advanced features, like the long reach arm and RTK GPS (global positioning system), come in handy here.

It removes sediments, debris, and vegetation in lake excavation, allowing for efficient and quick cleanup. Moreover, it excavates soil and rocks in the mining, oil, and gas industries. These help in the easier extraction of minerals and resources.

Where to Find Hawk Products?

Hawk Excavator is available throughout the United States (USA). It is also shipped worldwide from the USA to Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

To know more about Hawk Excavator and its products, or request a free quote or order, visit the website at www.hawkexcavator.com.

The website offers detailed information on each product and videos showcasing their capabilities.


Hawk Excavator is a leading name in the excavation equipment industry with two decades of experience. It’s known for its superior quality, advanced features, and efficient products.

The company offers a variety of attachments as a part of its product lines. These include Long Reach Arm, Amphibious undercarriage/tracks, RTK/GPS Kits (GPS devices), and other attachments: Grapples, Buckets, and Breakers.

The company caters to various industries. These include dredging, marine, construction, sewage and water treatment sites, lake excavation, mining, and more.

To learn more about the organization, explore its website, contact them via email, call (619) 335 8822, or web chat. If you want to buy this equipment or take equipment rentals, contact the company for a free quote.