Long Reach Excavator Package
Extend Your Excavation Reach

Convert your standard reach earth moving excavator into a long reach excavator to gain 2X reach. Our top-quality systems also have aggressive lead times to get your ground excavation job moving.

Long Reach Package Includes:

  • Long Arm/Stick
  • Long Boom
  • Bucket
  • Hydraulic Cylinders (For Arm & Bucket)
  • Pre-Plumbed Hydraulic Lines
  • *Excavator not included

HAWK Long Reach Specs

Long Reach ModelExcavator Operating WeightLengthBucket Capacity
LRA114011-14 Ton40 ft (12 m)0.39 yd3 (0.3 m3)
LRA154315-17 Ton43 ft (13 m)0.52 yd3 (0.4 m3)
LRA184518-22 Ton45 ft (13.5 m)0.65 yd3 (0.5 m3)
LRA235623-26 Ton56 ft (17 m)0.65 yd3 (0.5 m3)
LRA276027-32 Ton60 ft (18.5 m)0.85 yd3 (0.65 m3)
LRA336533-38 Ton65 ft (20 m)0.91 yd3 (0.7 m3)

Pre-Plumbed Hydraulic Lines

  • Pre-Plumbed Saves Time and gets the project started sooner.
  • 3 guys/8hr day doing setup equals 24 hours of labor time that can be avoided by using HAWK long arms and booms that are ready on arrival.

Popular Long Reach Packages Fit

10-Ton, 20-Ton, 30-Ton & 40-Ton Long Sticks for excavators is our focus.

  • CAT 320 (Or Equivalent)
  • CAT 336 (Or Equivalent)
  • CAT 349 (Or Equivalent)
  • Other Sizes Available

ISO 9001 Factory.
High-End Self-Grease Bushings.
Robotic Welding for high quality.
Premium steel plate, Weldox 700 or equivalent
FEA (Finite Element Analysis) done on-site.


Long Stick (Arm) & Boom

We have long arms available for several models of excavator for maximum versatility and reach. Let us know the model and we can match you with the best long arm, boom, and bucket package. CAT 320, 336 & 349 sizes are most popular.



Save hours with a ready to go system. Hydraulics brackets READY to Plug n’ Play. Extend the reach of your excavator with our long arm and boom extension allowing higher production rates.


Excavation Bucket

Standard excavation Bucket and mounting pins are fully included with this system. Optionally, add your own work tool or attachment then connect to the pre-plumbed hydraulics immediately. 

Hawk Long Reach Components

Specs at a Glance


Extend Your Excavator's Reach


What is a Long Reach Excavator?

Simply put, a long reach system is roughly 2x the reach of a standard system. Example: A CAT 336 Standard reach is about 36FT and our Long Reach Upgrade is 70FT. 

The Stick/Boom/Hydraulic Cylinders/Bucket come as a Long Reach Upgrade Package. Remove stock parts and Upgrade for roughly 2x reach increase.

Our Long Reach Excavator package is available for a wide range of excavator models according to the customer’s exact needs and areas of application. Offer deeper and long-distance digging and excavating to boost productivity where standard boom can’t get the job done.

As the boom and arm are critical components of an excavator, they’ve been produced precisely to fulfill quality conformance with the implementation of cutting-edge technology and advanced machinery in the production line.

To sustain our branding in this field, we ensure our high quality and durable long reach arm accomplished your project satisfactorily.

HAWK Related Products

Check out our full line of excavator accessories designed to aid with a wide variety of construction and excavation, including dredging.


HAWK Vision

Attach the RTK / GPS Positioning system to your excavator’s bucket or other attachment to always know where the bucket is under the waterline. Prevent over and under dredging.


Amphibious Undercarriage

Complete amphibious undercarriage allowing you to convert your existing excavator into a swamp dredger capable of even more production in harsh areas.

hawk sectional barge thumbnail

Sectional Barges

Fully modular barges ready for quick assembly at the job site. Can hold an excavator and long stick for the extended reach your excavation needs.

Reach Beyond, with HAWK.

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