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HAWK Products and Excavator Accessories


Long Reach Excavators

Convert Existing Excavator to Long Reach. Pre-plumbed Hydraulics and Hose mounts. Long arms for a wide range of excavator models to meet your applications. Dig deeper and reach further to boost productivity past standard booms.

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Precision dredging & digging in real-time using an RTK/GPS system that improves your excavator.  Help the operator determine exactly the pump or bucket is under the waterline. Don’t Over or Under Dig.

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Amphibious Undercarriage

Swamp Undercarriages for excavators ranging from 7 to 130 tons. HAWK provides models of amphibious undercarriage for most major brands.  Convert your excavator to easily maneuver swaps, marshes, and shallow water.

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Sectional Barges

100% modular designed sectional barges. Go Big or Small, adding or subtracting sections as needed. Perfect for a wide range of marine construction uses or ease of water-based transportation. Our interlocking system allows for easy on-site installation.


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