HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment

An amphibious excavator dredge pump attachment is a piece of machinery that allows you to use your excavator to move large amounts of water, sludge, or other materials without having to stop and empty the tank. It can be used in high-volume applications such as hydraulic fracturing, tunneling, dam construction, and repair, or in other situations where you need to move materials quickly through a pipe.

The most significant advantage of this type of equipment is that it allows you to use the same excavator for excavation and dredging operations. You don’t need to buy separate equipment for each task. Once you have bought your dredge pump attachment, all your work will be done using one machine.

This attachment works directly onto your excavator’s bucket arm so that it can be used with any size or type of bucket available on this machine (such as those found on backhoe loaders).

In order to achieve a more perfect fit, HAWK can customize the size according to the needs of customers.

HWK-EXF4250 GPM1,200 GPMUp to 200 ft4 inch6 inchSolids up to 3 inches1,800 RPMUp to 40 – 70% Solids75 – 150
HWK-EXF6450 GPM2,000 GPMUp to 200 ft6 inch8 inchSolids up to 5 inches1,800 RPMUp to 40 – 70% Solids150 – 200
HWK-EXF8800 GPM4,000 GPMUp to 200 ft8 inch10 inchSolids up to 7 inches1,800 RPMUp to 40 – 70% Solids250 – 300
HWK-EXF101,200 GPM5,000 GPMUp to 200 ft10 inch12 inchSolids up to 9 inches1,800 RPMUp to 40 – 70% Solids300 – 350
HWK-EXF121,800 GPM7,000 GPMUp to 200 ft12 inch14 inchSolids up to 11 inches1,800 RPMUp to 40 – 70% Solids500 – 600