HAWK 2000 Hour Warranty

Non-rotating Hydraulic Grapple

HAWK’s hydraulic grapple for excavator comes with a vast jaw opening quickly, allowing the operator to pick up different larch materials. The hydraulic grapple design also gives a better, firmer grip, making it easy for users to grab uneven loads. With this, they seamlessly improve the efficiency and productivity of loading cycles. 

The standard hydraulic cylinder for grapple bucket can handle more oversized loads, which explains why they’re best for material handling and site cleanup. On the other hand, the compact version is more advantageous in job sites with tight working spaces. They can go and take care of hard-to-reach areas. 

HAWK’s hydraulic non-rotating grapple has a unique configuration that makes it ultimately flexible. It can be used around farms, demolition, worksites, and other projects requiring accuracy in pinpoint pick-up. The brand also carries different accessories for hydraulic rotator grapple like the excavator grapple attachment. These equipment pieces weigh somewhere between 126 to 990 kilograms.

In order to achieve a more perfect fit, HAWK can customize the size according to the needs of customers.

Model BHG10 BHG30 BHG60 BHG80 BHG120 BHG200
Weight Kg 126 210 310 510 740 990
MAX OPENING mm 540 710 730 754 980 1500
Operating Pressure Bar 80-110 100-120 110-140 120-160 150-170 160-180
Set Up Pressure Kg/m² 120 150 170 180 190 200
Operating Flux L/Min 20-35 25-40 30-55 50-100 90-110 100-140
Suitable excavator Ton 1-2 3-4 5-7 8-11 12-19 20-25