Dredging is a process that involves the removal of sediment and debris from the bottom of bodies of water like lakes, rivers, and ports. In modern supply chain dynamics, where shipping plays a critical role, keeping the waterways favorable for ship movements is essential. Dredging plays a significant role here.

It is a highly specialized process that requires unique machinery. These equipment are specially designed and manufactured, keeping the complications of the process. There are very few pump manufacturing companies that have such advanced technology. Eddy Pump is one of the leading manufacturers of dredging pumps and other dredging equipment. We understand that organizations can benefit from getting dredging pumps on a rental basis. Hence we offer industrial pumping equipment for rent. Get in touch with us to know more!


The EDDY Dredging Pump

Often, it is beneficial for organizations to opt for dredging pumps on a rental basis rather than buying them.

Therefore, EDDY Pump is aware of the benefits its clients can reap by renting industrial pumping equipment rather than purchasing it outright.

What is a Dredging Pump?

A dredging pump is a type of pump that is specifically designed for use in dredging projects. These pumps are typically mounted on barges or pontoons and are used to remove sediment and debris from the bottom of bodies of water. Dredging pumps are designed to handle a variety of materials, including sand, silt, and mud, and are available in various sizes and capacities to suit different project requirements.

EDDY Dredging Pump in action

Why prefer dredging pump rental?

Nowadays, businesses in the construction industry are more focused on renting industrial equipment than buying it. 

There are several benefits of renting dredging pumps. Some of the key advantages are – 

Access to the best technology:

Buying high-value and critical machinery involves several critical commitments. Companies must invest significant money in purchasing and maintaining huge amounts of equipment. Moreover, with rapid technological advancement, today’s technology may become obsolete tomorrow.

Whereas renting allows one to access an advanced machine with all its features. There is no long-term commitment from the business. As most rental providers keep their machinery in good condition, companies can count on using the latest and greatest tools and technology. This helps to avoid machine downtime and eliminates the chance of missing project deadlines.

Try before you buy:

While selecting costly industrial products or opting for dredging pump rental, companies can test the product and the brand. It gives a real-scenario trial run where the business can understand the pump’s performance, durability, and versatility per its requirements. It helps to make an informed decision, and it can feel more secure in the purchase decision after trying the equipment.

Easy to manage multiple projects:

Owning multiple costly dredging equipment is often not possible for small-scale businesses. Therefore, whenever multiple projects are running simultaneously, it becomes difficult for them to complete those on time without proper equipment. Additionally, small and medium companies often do not take on many projects due to the same issue. Ultimately they miss the opportunity to generate more revenue. In such a scenario, renting dredging equipment and pumps is the most suitable option.

In case of multiple projects, businesses can go for the dredge pump rental option and reduce the risk of missing the project timeline. Moreover, they can complete the work without investing much money. Another benefit is that, if they run multiple projects in different locations, hiring equipment rather than waiting for one project completion and transporting the machine to another location can give better benefit to the business.

Reduce high maintenance costs:

The maintenance cost of heavy industrial equipment is significantly high. Moreover, the breakdown of a critical machine like a dredging pump during a running project costs thousands of dollars in terms of loss of valuable time. Additionally, the business must search for the right mechanic and engineer to get it running again, which is daunting.

Renting helps to avoid such huge maintenance costs. In many cases, the supplier replaces the under-maintenance machine with a running one, which avoids downtime and saves precious project time. Moreover, rental suppliers usually manage a stock of spare parts, which is tough to get immediately during machine failure.

Eliminate capital expenditure:

Renting a dredging pump can be a cost-effective solution for completing a dredging project. Dredging pumps can be expensive to purchase outright and may not be needed for regular use. Renting a dredging pump allows you to get the equipment you need for your project without making a significant investment.

Reduce tax burden:

Renting heavy dredging equipment is always beneficial from a tax point of view. Dredging pump rental does not attract tax liabilities which is a big relief for every company. When owning such costly machines, organizations must pay high taxes on purchasing the same and book the depreciation for a lifetime to once a year. Either way, it is a burden for the company.

Get a competitive advantage:

In this highly competitive market, every organization struggles to boost its profit. Purchasing costly machines drain not only huge amounts of money but also such equipment, asking for huge maintenance cost. It is more difficult for small and medium business that focuses on saving every dollar.

Renting equipment can help businesses get new projects and generate more revenue. It can be a smart financial decision where companies can pick projects at a lesser price without compromising the profit margin. This strategy can always keep the business ahead of its competitors.

Eddy Dredging Pump - Competitive Advantage

Eddy Dredging Pump – Competitive Advantage

How to choose the right dredging pump?

The success of your dredging job depends on your selection of a high-quality dredging pump. The size and depth of the body of water, the desired flow rate, and the required pressure are just a few variables to consider when deciding on a dredge pump.

Dredging material type

One of the most important considerations when choosing a dredging pump is the type of dredging material. The pump’s efficiency can be affected by factors like the material’s density, viscosity, and particle size.

Dredging sand, for instance, requires a pump that can withstand abrasive particles. A pump with excellent abrasion resistance is preferable in such cases because sand can quickly wear down the impeller and other moving parts. A pump for moving large amounts of water and light materials is ideal for dredging silt and mud. A high-flow, low-pressure pump is needed to move the dense slurry that forms when silt and mud are fast suspended in the water.

Size and depth of the water body:

Another deciding factor on a dredging pump is the size and depth of the water body where the pump is intended to work in. How much material needs to be moved determines how big a pump is needed, and how deep the water determines how long a suction hose must be.

A smaller, more portable dredging pump may be sufficient for dredging a shallow pond or lake because it can be brought to the location with relative ease. On the other hand, dredging a deep river or harbor necessitates a dredging pump with more horsepower to move more material and accommodate a longer suction hose.

Water pressure and flow rate:

Based on the flow rate and pressure for the job, the business needs to select the dredge pump. Flow rate is the quantity of water and sediment the pump can move in a given time, while pressure is the force the pump can generate.

A pump with a high flow rate is required to transport a lot of material rapidly. A high-pressure pump, on the other hand, is required for transporting materials across greater distances or to greater elevations.

Why EDDY Pump?

EDDY Pump is one of the global leaders in manufacturing heavy-duty dredging pumps and other equipment. With state-of-the-art designing and manufacturing facilities, EDDY Pump Corporation offers end-to-end solutions for any dredging work.

The EDDY pump exhibits superior performance over traditional pumps in scenarios that involve high viscosity, substantial solids, and particulate weight, elevated specific gravity, and corrosive and abrasive substances, and is particularly effective in applications that are prone to clogging.

Heavy Duty Dredging pump

Heavy Duty Dredging pump

Key takeaways:

Opting for a dredging pump rental near you can be a financially viable approach to accomplishing a dredging undertaking. Proper equipment selection necessitates a meticulous evaluation of various factors, such as the nature of the material to be dredged, the dimensions and profundity of the water body, and the requisite flow rate and pressure. Thoroughly assessing your project specifications and appropriately choosing the equipment can guarantee the secure, productive, and cost-effective execution of your dredging undertaking.

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FAQs about dredging pump rental

FAQ-1: What dredging pump should I use?

The type of material being dredged, the size and depth of the body of water, and the needed flow rate and pressure will determine the proper dredging pump

FAQ-2: Can I rent a dredging pump for any size project?

Dredging pumps range from small to large industrial-grade sizes. You can rent a dredging pump from EDDY Pumps for any size project, from home to commercial or industrial.

FAQ-3: How do I get a dredging pump rental near me?

EDDY Pump is a reliable partner getting a dredging pump rental. Do check out our website for more information on renting a dredge pump.   

FAQ-4: Why do I opt for a dredging pump rental near me?

Renting a dredge pump can save money on equipment. It’s also useful for one-time jobs or when the equipment won’t be used enough to warrant buying it.

FAQ-5: What kind of maintenance is required for a rented dredging pump?

Dredging pump maintenance varies by kind and size. Before renting equipment, check with the rental business about maintenance needs. Some offer routine maintenance, while others offer maintenance services for a price.