Dredging is a process that involves the removal of sediment and debris from the bottom of water bodies like lakes, rivers, and ports. Interestingly, the dredging pump market is expected to touch 1.7 billion USD by 2030.

Dredging is a highly specialized process that requires unique machinery. So dredging equipment is specially designed and manufactured to minimize the complications of the process. There are very few pump manufacturing companies that have such advanced technology. 

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EDDY Pump is one of the leading manufacturers of dredging pumps and other equipment. We understand that different organizations need different pumping solutions depending on the job or nature of the project. Hence, we offer the services of pumps on a rental basis. Get in touch with us to know more.

What is a Dredging Pump?

A dredging pump is designed for use in dredging projects. These pumps are mounted on barges or pontoons. They are used to remove sediment and debris from the bottom of water bodies. They are designed to handle materials like sand, silt, and mud. They are available in various sizes and capacities.

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Why prefer dredging pumps on a rental basis?

There are several benefits of renting equipment. Some of the key advantages are – 

  • Access to the best technology:

    Companies invest significant money in purchasing and maintaining critical equipment. It can become obsolete soon. Renting allows one to access advanced machines without a long-term commitment.

  • Trial before you buy:

    While opting for dredging pump rental, companies can test the product and the brand. They can understand the pump’s performance, durability, and versatility.

  • Storage and transportation:

    Renting a dredging pump eliminates logistical concerns like storage facilities and transportation arrangements. The rental company handles storage, transportation, and delivery of the equipment to your project location. This saves a lot of time and effort.

  • Reduction in high maintenance costs:

    The maintenance cost of heavy industrial equipment is significantly high. Moreover, the breakdown of a critical machine costs thousands of dollars. Renting helps to avoid such issues.

  • Elimination of capital expenditure:

    Renting a dredging pump can be cost-effective for completing a dredging project. They may not be needed for regular use. It gets you the equipment without a significant investment.

  • Reduction in tax burden:

    Renting machines does not attract tax liabilities which is a big relief for every company. Rent is a tax-deductible cost, but buying equipment is taxed at a rate that depreciates over time. When owning such costly machines, organizations must pay high taxes on purchasing the same and book the depreciation for a lifetime to once a year. 

  • Getting a competitive advantage:

    Renting equipment can help companies pick projects at a lower price without compromising on the profit margin. This strategy can always keep the business ahead of its competitors.

Read this piece that goes into the details of the benefits of renting heavy equipment.

Eddy Dredging Pump - Competitive Advantage

Eddy Dredging Pump

How to choose the right dredging pump?

The success of your dredging job depends on your selection of high-quality pumps. Here are a few factors you need to consider while selecting a dredging pump:

Dredging material type: The pump’s efficiency can be affected by factors like the material’s density, viscosity, and particle size. Dredging sand, for instance, requires a pump that can withstand abrasive particles. 

Size and depth of the water body: Another deciding factor on a dredging pump is the size and depth of the water body where the pump is intended to work in. How much material needs to be moved determines how big a pump is needed. And, how deep the water is determines how long a suction hose must be.

Water pressure and flow rate: Flow rate is the quantity of water and sediment the pump can move in a given time. Pressure is the force the pump can generate. A pump with a high flow rate is required to rapidly transport a lot of material. 

Here’s a guide on selecting a dredge pump.

Why EDDY Pump?

EDDY Pump offers a wide range of dredging pumps designed to cater to various dredging applications. Whether you need to tackle shallow waterways, deep ports, mines, or environmental cleanup projects, EDDY Pump has a solution to meet your specific needs. 

Key takeaways

Opting for a dredging pump rental near you can be a financially viable approach. Assessing your project specifications and choosing the equipment based on certain factors can ensure the productive and cost-effective execution of your dredging job.

For your slurry pump, dredging equipment application in construction, mining, chemical, oil & gas, pulp and paper, sewage treatment, and marine industries, contact EDDY Pump or call us at 619-558-3250. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about dredging pump rental

FAQ-1: What dredging pump should I use?

The type of material being dredged, the size and depth of the body of water, and the needed flow rate and pressure will determine the proper pumps. For handling abrasive materials, you need a pump made with hard materials like stainless steel.

FAQ-2: Can I rent a dredging pump for any size project?

Dredging pump rental companies like EDDY Pump cater to projects of different sizes. They provide a diverse range of pump sizes and capacities to accommodate various dredging requirements. Simply reach out to the rental companies and discuss your project specifications to find the right dredging pump for your specific size and scope of work.

FAQ-3: How do I get a dredging pump rental near me?

To find a dredging pump rental near you, start by researching local equipment rental companies that specialize in dredging equipment. Use online directories, search engines, or industry-specific websites to locate rental providers in your area. Contact these companies directly to inquire about their dredging pump rental services, availability, and pricing. Do remember to partner with a reliable supplier like EDDY Pump.

FAQ-4: Why do I opt for a rental pump near me?

Renting a dredge pump can save money on equipment. It’s also useful for one-time jobs or when the equipment won’t be used enough to warrant buying it. Renting offers a lot more flexibility to the organization. The company can also avoid tax liabilities while renting.

FAQ-5: What kind of maintenance is required for a rented dredging pump?

When renting a dredging pump, maintenance is typically handled by the rental company. Regular visual inspections and lubrication as per guidelines are important aspects of maintenance. Moreover, you should also monitor your pump’s performance. Follow the rental company’s instructions and promptly communicate any concerns.