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Accomplish the remarkable versatility and efficiency of the Long Reach Excavator in the dynamic construction world.

Key Applications: 

  • Redefining deep excavation 
  • Tackle complex tasks with unparalleled depth and efficiency
  • From basements to underground tunnels, explore diverse applications
  • Unmatched customer service and international shipping

Applications of Long Reach Arm in the Construction Industry

The long reach arm, also known as long arm excavator, long reach excavator, long boom, extended reach, or extended boom, finds versatile applications in the construction industry, including:

HAWK’s Other Top Products

Application of HAWK Vision RTK GPS Positioning Systems in Construction

Precise site surveying, layout, and machine control for accurate and efficient construction operations.

Application of HAWK Amphibious Undercarriages in Construction

Enabling construction in sensitive ecological areas, aiding dredging operations, supporting marine infrastructure, and enhancing flood management projects.

Application of Excavator attachment in construction

Expanding excavator functionality for diverse construction, demolition, and material handling tasks efficiently and precisely.

HAWK Excavator Attachments

Application of Hydraulic Breaker Hammers in construction

Hydraulic Breaker Hammers – High-performance in mining, demolitions, and excavations, efficiently chipping away large boulders and concrete structures.

HAWK Excavator Hydraulic Breaker Hammer

Application of General Digging Buckets in Construction

General Digging Buckets High-performance in mining and demolitions, ideal for loading, excavation, and earthmoving tasks with large-capacity workload.

HAWK Excavator General Digging Bucket

Application of NON-Rotating Clamshell Buckets in construction

Non-Rotating Clamshell Buckets – Best for dredging and material re-handling, featuring 360-degree sealed rotation, suitable for various environmental applications.

HAWK Loader Bucket

Application of Rotating Clamshell Buckets in Construction

Rotating Clamshell Buckets – Perfect for dredging and material re-handling, with 360-degree sealed rotation, available in heavy-duty, standard, and light versions.

HAWK Excavator General Digging Bucket

Application of Mechanical Grapples in Construction

Mechanical Grapples Alternative to excavator buckets for demolition site cleanups, trash sorting, and handling loose materials, available in various sizes and models.


Application of Hydraulic Grapples in construction

Hydraulic Grapples – Vast jaw opening for quick material pickup, providing a better, firmer grip for uneven loads, improving efficiency and productivity in loading cycles.

HAWK Non rotating hydraulic grapple

Application of Demolition Grapples in Construction

Demolition Grapples – Heavy-duty attachment for grabbing and moving debris in demolition and construction work, commonly used for concrete, steel, and timber materials.

HAWK Mechanical Grapple

Application of Rotating hydraulic grapples in Construction

Rotating hydraulic grapples- offer efficient material handling and sorting capabilities in construction projects.

HAWK Excavator Hydraulic Rotating Grapple


Hawk Long Reach Excavator in construction presents a transformative solution for the industry. Its extended reach, powerful performance, and adaptability redefine project possibilities. From deep excavations to marine applications and challenging terrains, the Hawk Long Reach Excavator excels in efficiency and precision, driving construction projects towards greater productivity and success.