Folks in the construction business are pretty much aware of the many different uses of an excavator. If you need a solid arm to lift pounds of topsoil, you’ll need an excavator. If you’re in the quarrying or mining industries, you’ll also need an excavator. It doesn’t matter if it’s for smaller drilling functions or serious, heavy-duty digging projects; an excavator can get the job done. 

What helps these excavators in doing their job effectively are called excavator attachments. Different types of excavator attachments fit every drilling, digging, or earthmoving job. We’ve rounded out the best attachments in this post to help you select the most suitable one for your projects. Industry experts and equipment operators highly recommend the items on this list, so you’re assured that they’re proven and tested. If you’re ready, dive in!


1. Takeuchi TL Mulchers

Takeuchi TL Mulchers

Source: Compact Equipment

Takeuchi equipped its mulchers with a highly-efficient load-sensing technology to match the required rotor speed for every excavating job. Dubbed the IQ technology, this improved machine loading system utilizes an onboard controller that receives pressure and signal from the equipment’s hydraulic system. After which, the controller makes sense of these signals by identifying the right rotor speed. Its motor gets automatically adjusted as soon as these signals are received, with speed calibration done by a mere push of a button. The brand prides its mulchers on being highly productive. This is mainly because the equipment’s IQ technology took much of the load from the carrier. 


2. Caterpillar TiltRotate Models

Caterpillar TiltRotate Models

Source: Caterpillar

Caterpillar is a ‘household name’ for heavy-duty equipment for a great reason. Its TRS8 and TRS6 tiltrotator models come with pin-on or hydraulic coupler configurations. While you can add an internal equipment-compatible grapple for this, it’s optional. The brand’s TiltRotate system has been implemented in its new, compact excavators, and it allows attachments like grapples and buckets to tilt at 40 degrees and rotate by 360 degrees to each side. This allowed operators to maneuver attachments around, under, and over any obstacle while grading, excavating, and other tasks. 


3. Blue Diamond’s C310 Model 

Blue Diamond’s C310 plate compactor is a bang for one’s buck for its versatility and design. It’s compatible with mini machines, skid steers, backhoes, and excavators. The manufacturer also designed this attachment to keep the machine safe from excessive vibrations while still keeping its compaction ability. Operators like this model because it reduces the digging or excavating noise. It also comes with a motor-protecting, high-pressure cutoff valve similar to the standard commercial trenching buckets. This model weighs about 552 pounds, and it’s best for 5,000 to 12,000 lbs excavators. If you need heavier excavators, you can also try out the C410 model, weighing 880 lbs.


4. Construction Attachments Inc.’s The Hookup

Source: Construction Attachments

If you’re searching the net for excavator attachments for sale, you might as well browse through Construction Attachment’s product portfolio. The Hookup allows you to convert your excavator into a standard, dual-pin skid steer hitch. You can use this with attachments like tree booms, manual snow blades, root rakes, forks, and buckets. You can also use it unbolted or allow it to rotate 180 degrees by hill scraping, excavating, and backfilling. Because of its skid steer universal adapter, you can do up to 10 tons of excavating jobs. Its laudable features are interchangeable and reversible bolt-on hitches, greasable machine zerk fittings, and wear-resistant pins. 


5. Okada’s TOP 60B

Source: Okada

Okada is one of the trusted names for excavator attachments for demolition. Their TOP 60B hammer is one of their most preferred products since it uses nitrogen gas to improve downstroke and cushion the upstroke on its piston. These maneuvers are necessary, especially in demolishing trench rocks, pavements, building foundations, and concrete structures. Its long stroke design can reduce vibration and increase impact. The hammer’s cup seals are responsible for securing both the gas and oil chambers. This excavator attachment is designed for 12,000 to 20,000 pounds track loaders, skid steers, and compact excavators. It needs a hydraulic flow of at least 17 to 20 gallons/minute. It also has a braking rate of 730 to 970 blows/minute.


6. Epiroc Combi Hydraulic Cutters

Epiroc Combi Hydraulic Cutters

Source: Epiroc

Whether you’re working with soil, concrete, or steel, you won’t have a problem with Epiroc’s combi cutters. They came with different jaw types for primary demolition and concrete structure reduction. These cutters are also ideal for other demolition site jobs like cutting all kinds of steel structures. They are designed to switch on the fly with their positioning and coupling systems. These cutters are excellent at delivering impressive crushing force at short cycle periods. Apparently, this is possible because of their integrated 360-degree rotation devices. What’s even better is that you can replace its cutting blades and crushing teeth. The former is also reversible. The equipment’s complete cylinder protection is made possible by its piston rods.


7. AMI Attachments’ AXXIS Tiltrotator

AMI Attachments' AXXIS Tiltrotator

Source: AMI Attachments

AMI Attachment’s NOX-powered tiltrotator has the most diverse tilt range at 50-degrees in all directions. This is, by far, the most compact-designed attachment in the industry. AXXIS TR can rotate 360 degrees, and it’s available for backhoes, excavators, and compact excavators. It has a wholly protected helicator actuator in place of cylinders. This is responsible for its constant and improved holding torque that allows the equipment to navigate and dig through narrower trenches. This is available and compatible with different ergonomic joystick configurations. 


8. Eterra’s Brush Mower

Source: Eterra

Otherwise known as E30, Eterra’s heavy-duty brush mower is built to be light enough to navigate through side hills and other challenging work sites. Because of its weight, you can keep the equipment from tipping over. This brush mower can cut through up to five inches of thick material. If you operate it steadily and slowly, it can even cut through up to six inches of any material. It’s also compatible with 7,500 to 14,000 lbs excavators with 13 to 35/minute hydraulic flow. This mower also sports a Pemco US motor and a 2-lb blade. If you’re looking for mini excavator attachments that leave a finer mulch and reach even the smallest properties, E30 is your best bet.

9. Fecon’s Stumpex

Fecon’s Stumpex

Source: Fecon

This stump grinder mount can cut through any 10 to 28 inches tree species in a single pass. It comes with an auger-type grinder fit for 12 to 20-ton excavators. It has 20 inches maximum cutting depth of 20 inches. This high-torque, low-speed attachment functions at 7 to 16 revolutions per minute (rpm), resulting in easier cleanup and minimal grinding discharge. This is made possible with the grinder’s staggered cutting blades and threaded cone. Since it has a lower grinding speed, it has improved safety too.


10. Premier Attachments’ PD750 and PD500

Premier Attachments' PD750 and PD500

Source:Premier Attachment

These compact excavator post drivers take pride in their pre-drill option equipped with an auger drive. It can quickly drill through pilot holes even in challenging ground conditions. Premier Attachment supports various mounting brackets for all models and makes. If you’re working with a compact excavator with 10 to 16 gallons/minute hydraulic flow and one that supplies 500-foot lbs of energy, go for the PD500 model. On the other hand, if you need an attachment for machines that gives 750-foot lbs power and function at 12 to 20 gallons/minute, go for their PD750 model.


11. Gradall’s Telestick

Gradall’s Telestick

Source: Gradall

If you’re looking for an excavator attachment with a 50-foot boom extension, go for Gradall’s Telestick. This attachment can achieve highway speed when moving from one job site to another. You can use this attachment with the brand’s crawler models like XL 5200V. When used with a grapple or bucket, this device can help in a culvert and canal grading and cleaning, ditch shaping, and storm cleanup. This extension can also tilt 220 degrees to make working in tunnels, under bridges, and on slopes easier. Its movement is made possible by a load-sensing hydraulic system. 


12. Case Construction Hydraulic Hammers

Case Construction Hydraulic Hammers

Source: Case Construction

This hydraulic hammer is suitable for compact excavators. It help isolates blows from the equipment operator and carrier through its cushion chamber. After which, it recycles the energy and uses it for the subsequent blows. It only has low recoil and two moving parts. It comes with an installation kit with pre-assembled and fully configured service tools and hoses. It also features a long-stroke piston responsible for reduced recoil and improved energy transfer. It also comes with a gas-recharged kit and a three-year product warranty. 



Finding the proper excavator attachment depends on the project type, work environment, and usage level. If you need to bag the best excavator attachment, you need to sit down and get real with these primary considerations. After which, list the job requirements and canvas the market for reputable brands that can supply you with what you need. 


Also, it’s crucial to compare and contrast the different salient features and functionalities of the attachment you shortlisted. If you’re unsure about the product specifications, you can also give the manufacturers a call or read reviews to sort out the confusion.